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Trend Look December : Restless Nights

For a successful New Year's Eve, there is more to it than just a great outfit and sparkling accessories, but also a legendary make-up with brilliant glitter effects. 

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#1 Flawless Skin

For reliable, long-lasting make-up, apply the new Cream to Powder Foundation to the face with a brush and blend well. For a glow effect, apply the Soft Glow Highlighter to the cheekbones with a brush.

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#2 Glitter Eyes

With the new Signature Colour Eyeshadows, the eyes are skilfully accentuated. For long-lasting eye make-up, first apply the Eyeshadow Base with your fingers to the moving eyelid. 


Next, gently apply the Ultra Glitter Signature Colour Eyeshadows in Space Gold 08 and Pink Moon 09 to the eyelids with an eyeshadow brush and blend. To create a more intense glitter effect, moisten the brush a little beforehand. Finish by applying the new Lash to Impress Mascara. 

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#3 Shiny Lips

Complete the look with seductively shimmering lips. Apply Glossy Lips Charming Chrystals 02 to the lips. For visually fuller lips, dab Soft Glow Highlighter onto the heart of the lips.


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Trend Look November: Delicate White

A real statement look that makes us shine beautifully in the cool season! 


#1 Bright Skin

Essential for this look - a radiant, even complexion. Apply a small amount of the Hyaluron Liquid Foundation to the face and blend gently with a brush or sponge. Conceal small blemishes, such as dark shadows under the eyes or imperfections, with the Natural Concealer Q10. Set the foundation using the Invisible Finish Loose Powder. A touch of the new Velvet Blush Powder - Rosy Peach 01 makes the look fresher and more vibrant.


 #2 Minimalistic Eyes

In order not to steal the show from the complexion, an elegant but discreet eye make-up follows. Gently apply the new Signature Colour Eyeshadow in Burnt Apricot 04 to the mobile eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. For a real eye-catching moment, draw a thin eyeliner line from the inner corner of the eye outwards with Soft Eyeliner White 06. Finish by applying Endless Lashes Mascara in a zigzag motion.


#3 Natural Lips

The lips are kept simple and elegant for this look. The Beautiful Lips Colour Intense Lipstick in the colour Soft Apricot 45 provides a wonderfully natural finish!

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