90's Burgundy Lips

Minimalistic thin eyebrows, blue eyeshadow and dark lips. The make-up style of the '90s is making a comeback and is an elegant companion for current fashion trends. Striking make-up that will give you an alluring look and transform you into a true style icon!

Geschminktes Model mit burgunderfarbenen Lippen mit der Hand am Kiefer

This is how it's done

Model ist geschminkt und guckt seitlich in die Kamera


Step 1: our 2in1 Compact Foundation covers imperfections and ensures an even complexion. Fine Loose Mineral Powder will get rid of any shine.

Step 2: you can apply Fine Loose Mineral Powder with the powder brush of your choice, preferably dabbing it on your hand beforehand so that the final look is not too masklike.

Step 3: for more depth and contour you can apply Mineral Sun Glow Powder – Sunset Kiss 02 to your temples and cheeks.

Model mit burgunderfarbenen Lippen trägt Mascara auf


This look will make your eyes stand out with dark, voluminous eyelashes and light eyelids. To achieve this effect, apply Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in Matt’n’Cashmere 17 to the whole of the moving part of your eyelid, and plenty of Intense Volumizing Mascara to your lashes. You can use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate your brows.

Model mit burgunderfarbenen Lippen


And now for the highlight of this look: burgundy lips! Trace the outline of your lips with our Soft Lipliner in Plum 04. Fill in with Beautiful Lips Colour Intense in Purple Star 33. Gently remove any excess with a facial tissue.

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