Fluffy Brows

Oh so stylish! Thanks to lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel, we can make our brows stand out by creating perfect volume in a flash. With the right styling, wild and bushy eyebrows can be a real eye-catcher.    

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This is how the look works

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With the fluffy brow look, your complexion can shine! To achieve the effect, mix Hyaluron Liquid Foundation with silver Illuminating Effect Fluid and apply to the whole face. Our new Cover & Care Stick hides blemishes and ensures an even complexion. Soft Glowing Highlighter conjures up beautiful, radiant highlights! 

Apply carefully to the cheeks, bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, just under the eyebrows and to the upper lip line and blend well. Dab a large brush in So Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder in Columbine Pink. Apply generously to the cheeks and blend lightly.

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Brows at their best are the highlight of this look. Using the comb of your transparent Eyebrow Styling Gel, comb your brows straight up and use the quick-drying gel to fix them so that they’re looking their best. If your eyebrows aren’t quite so wild and fluffy as you’d like for this look, you can fill in the gaps with our Eyebrow Pencil – in Brown 01 or Blonde 02 according to preference – and add more brow with gentle, thin strokes. 

Apply Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in Light Sand 36 to your eyelids and create naturally defined eyelashes with our Natural Definition Mascara. 

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As the eyebrows should be the focal point of this look, you need a neutral colour for your lips that emphasises their natural shape. Beautiful Lips Colour Intense in Casual Nude 29 is the perfect companion for the fluffy brow look and is also great for blurred lips.

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