Sunrise Eyes & Juicy Lips

The orange and terracotta tones of the sunrise eyes and juicy lips look are reminiscent of long sunsets on Ibiza and immediately make your face feel fresh and rejuvenated. 

And the best thing: with the lavera Matt'n'Stay Lips pencil, not only can you add a touch of summer to your lips, but also to your eyes – how practical is that?!  

Model guckt geschminkt in die Kamera vor rosa Hintergrund

This is how it's done

Geschminktes Model guckt an der Kamera vorbei


Tinted Moisturising Cream Q10 adds a hint of colour and lightly primes your complexion. Cover blemishes in the skin and dark circles round the eyes with our Natural Concealer and then create a matte effect with Mineral Compact Powder. Conjure up summer freshness on your face with Mineral Sun Glow Powder Duo – Golden Sahara 01. Dust a little Bronzer on the places that the sunlight hits first – the bridge of your nose, your chin and cheekbones, and where your forehead meets your temples. This will give you a natural glow in an instant. 

Bronzing-Tip: start with just a dab of powder and slowly add more until you achieve the desired intensity. 

Model traegt Lippenstift als Lidschatten auf


Natural Matt'n'Stay Lips – Matt'n Peach 02 can be used in different ways for this look and gives your eyes a touch of summer in no time at all.

Step 1: apply Natural Matt'n'Stay Lips – Matt'n Peach 02 to the whole eyelid and lash line.

Step 2: apply Volume Mascara – Brown, starting with the brush at the upper lash line and moving it downwards in a zigzag motion to the tips of your lashes.

Step 3: finally, comb your eyebrows into shape with Eyebrow Styling Gel – Transparent.

Frau traegt geschminkt Lipgloss auf und guckt in die Kamera mit gespitzen Lippen


Juicy lips are what will turn heads with this look. To get the effect, fill in your lips with Matt'n'Stay Lips – Matt'n Peach 02. Thanks to the practical pencil format, there's no need for lip liner. In the final step, apply Lipgloss Glossy Lips Delicious Peach 09, starting at the centre and moving to the corners of your mouth, which will give you an even finish. 

Frau malt sich Sommersprossen auf die Nase

Extra Tip: Fake Freckles

Draw on fake freckles with your Eyebrow Pencil – Blonde 02. Distribute these sweet little dots around your nose, cheeks and between your eyebrows, and lightly pat in with your fingertips. That will fix the colour and the dots will look softer. The more unevenly placed and different they are, the more natural the look will be when you're done.

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