Solid Shampoo

100% hair care, 0% plastic

Love the feeling of freshly washed, naturally sleek hair, but also care about the environment? With our solid shampoos, washing your hair just became a whole lot more sustainable, without compromising on beauty and condition.
Our shampoo bars are free from plastic and silicone and last up to 3 times longer than liquid shampoo, making them more resource-efficient. In addition, the packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. 

Naturally beautiful hair just got a lot more sustainable


Day after day, we put all our passion into developing our products further and making our formulas even better and more eco-friendly, as exemplified by our basis sensitiv solid shampoo bars which combine uncompromisingly effective cosmetic care with the opportunity to practice an even more sustainable lifestyle and reduce plastic waste. 

Like all of our natural cosmetic products, these solid shampoos provide the wonderful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment. The packaging is free from plastic and made from 100% recycled cardboard. The shampoo bars themselves contain no silicone or microplastics and last up to 3 times longer* than liquid shampoo, making them more resource-efficient.

The right plastic-free care for every hair type

Our solid shampoos not only make daily hair washing a lot more sustainable, they also meet the exact needs of each hair type. Therefore, in each one, the star ingredient organic quinoa has been paired with a naturally effective partner.

The carefully balanced natural formula of our basis sensitiv Moisturising & Nourishing Solid Shampoo combines organic quinoa with organic aloe vera. It is particularly gentle on sensitive scalps and leaves hair intensely moisturised. The innovative formula provides a gentle lather and leaves hair manageable – without the use of silicone. Aloe vera is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids and provides skin and hair with energy and moisture. Brittle hair is revitalised and regains a glossy shine. In addition to conditioning the hair, aloe vera does wonders for a dry, flaky scalp.


The carefully balanced natural formula of our Volume & Strength solid shampoo combines organic quinoa with organic bamboo to add fullness and vigour to fine hair without weighing it down. The innovative formula provides a wonderfully gentle lather and leaves hair naturally soft and manageable – without the use of silicone. In appropriate amounts, the silica in bamboo, also known as silicic acid, can strengthen the hair and promote its growth.

Our Freshness & Balance solid shampoo is ideal for hair that gets greasy quickly. The carefully balanced natural formula which combines organic matcha and organic quinoa thoroughly cleanses the hair, providing long-lasting freshness, and helps to rebalance the scalp. Experience naturally beautiful and manageable hair – without the use of silicone 

All the cosmetic benefits and great for the environment

Discover a new and even more guilt-free way to wash your hair: Wonderfully creamy lather, lovely scent and not a trace of plastic.

Our solid shampoo bars last up to 3 times longer* than liquid shampoo, adding to their already excellent environmental performance. Equally good news is the fact that our formulas are completely devoid of silicones and microplastics. And, of course, our solid shampoos are packaged in folding boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard.


Solid shampoo manages what hair soaps can only dream of

While they may look identical, solid shampoo and hair soap are actually very different. Lavera’s solid shampoos are pH-balanced and therefore in the acidic range. This closes the cuticles, leaving the hair smooth and wonderfully soft, with brilliant shine.

Hair soaps, however, tend to be alkaline and have the opposite effect: They open up the cuticles, leaving the hair rough, dull and unmanageable. Hair soaps often require an acidic rinse, with apple cider vinegar for example. Why make things complicated when they can be quick and easy? Our solid shampoo will instantly win you over with its irresistible results.

*Depending on hair length, lavera solid shampoo can last up to 3x longer than liquid shampoo.

The key ingredients in our solid wash bars

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