Refreshing body wash products from nature

The new lavera body wash products with vegan formulations and pH-neutral skin care properties invigorate the body and soul. Experience the new fragrance worlds of our shower gels, caring for your skin with precious organic ingredients from nature. The innovative active ingredient compositions cater to different skin needs, offering effective cleansing from vitamin-rich superfruits to refreshing citrus fruits, with gentle, natural-based surfactants. Discover our new refreshing body washes from nature!

Basis sensitiv Shower Gel

Treat yourself to the pleasant fragrance composition and the gentle foam of the lavera Intense Care Shower Cream. The vegan formula with precious ingredients and mild surfactants of natural origin gently cleanse the skin without drying it out. The pH-neutral skin care formula leaves a noticeably soft and supply skin feeling.
Also try our Hydro Feeling Shower Gel 2in1. With plant-based keratin, it is suitable not only for shampooing but also as a body wash, thus saving space and packaging.

Shower scrub without microplastics

Good for the environment, good for you! The lavera Smooth Skin Body Scrub without microplastics effectively frees the skin of old skin cells.

Effective scrub with jojoba beads!

The micro-beads made from jojoba wax are an effective scrub, providing a soft and supple skin feeling, in addition to being biodegradable. By using them, you are not only doing your skin a favour, you are also doing something positive for the environment!

The perfect supplement to Smooth Skin Body Scrub is our Firming Body Milk with green coffee, grapes and rosemary.

PH-neutral shower gels

Effective cleansing does not have to be aggressive on the skin! All new lavera shower gels are pH-neutral and thus gentle on the skin barrier. After showering, the skin may occasionally feel tight; the surfactants of natural origins in our lavera Naturkosmetik body washes gently cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling supple. The newly developed surfactant system now makes our shower gels even foamier without hurting the skin barrier in the process.  

Those who want to additionally care for their skin with prebiotic substances made of chia seeds can use the Mild Balance Body Wash, in order to maintain the natural skin barrier. Discover pampering and nourishing Acai berry extract in the Natural Superfruit Shower Gel and provide your skin with the power of the super fruit.

Our Active Touch Shower Gel with organic ginger and organic match provides for an invigorating freshness experience after sport.

Are you seeking the ultimate freshness kick in the morning?!

Then our High Vitality and Happy Freshness Care Showers are just right for you! The refreshing citrus notes of both shower gels awaken sleepy heads with the scent of orange or lime, providing the skin with care with precious organic ingredients.

No matter what shower type you are, lavera Naturkosmetik has the right shower gel for you!

Improved fragrance formulation in our shower gels

Pflanzen in Reagenzgläsern in Halterung

Intensive fragrances, which are now even more long-lasting in unique compositions. The selected organic ingredients of our shower gels are underscored by sophisticated fragrance compositions. The lavera Naturkosmetik shower gel fragrances consist of a head note which is perceptible as a first impression when putting on the shower gel. The heart note is perceived longer and comprises the core of the fragrance, whereas the base note contains heavy, long-lasting fragrance components of the shower gel, which can still be detected even after the shower.

More intensive lavera shower gel fragrances

We have further developed our fragrance worlds and, in addition to four new fragrances, refined our old proven fragrances. This means you can still enjoy the fragrances in our basis sensitiv shower gels, but you can also discover the fragrances in our High Vitality Body Wash, Happy Freshness Body Wash and Smooth Skin Body Scrub. The fragrances have a much more intensive and long-lasting scent than before!

New shower gel fragrances

The new shower gel fragrances of the care showers consist of many difference fragrance components, leading to an invigorating fragrance experience.

The Active Touch Body Wash receives its fragrance from Aloe Vera, currants, as well as sandalwood, which is why it has such a fresh scent. The Mild Balance Body Wash with prebiotic chia seeds is extremely gentle to the skin and receives its mildly fruity fragrance from coconut, bergamot and vanilla.

The Soft Purity Shower Gel, containing with precious organic algae, effectively frees the skin from particulates and dirt. The fragrance from green apple, witch hazel and tonka bean has a pleasantly refreshing effect after a strenuous day in the big city. The fruity fragrance world of the Natural Superfruit Shower Gel enchants the senses with Goji, raspberry and vanilla, caring for the skin with formulas that include vitamin-rich Acai berries.

Shower Gel for Men


The 3in1 with organic bamboo and organic guarana offers sensitive men's skin extra gentle cleansing of skin, hair and face. It lends a long-lasting fresh feeling, contains natural surfactants and wash substances and is ideally suited for daily use.

Skin compatibility for men with sensitive skin has been dermatologically proven.

lavera MEN SENSITIV 3in1 Shower Gel makes the morning uncomplicated: Hair, face and body wash are combined in one product and completed in one shower, freeing up time for you to focus on important matters. This means you'll not only cut down on packaging but even save time!

Fresh fragrance and effective cleansing

Thanks to a higher collagen content, men's skin is able to store more moisture and ought to be cared for accordingly. lavera MEN SENSITIV care products are specially matched to the needs of men's skin, which in addition to an own fragrance world, offer all the other advantages of certified natural cosmetics.

Discover our lavera MEN SENSITIV care series!

Ingredients in our body washes

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