Colour-treated Hair

The cuticle that encloses the hair is attacked and roughened after being chemically treated with colourants. Once it is damaged, it is difficult to close it again and the nourishing ingredients can no longer be retained in the hair. This is why over time hair looks dull and damaged after colouring.

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What is the right care for colour-treated hair?

Use specialist products: lavera’s Colour & Care Shampoo with organic pomegranate and organic grapeseed oil is specially designed to meet the needs of colour-treated and dull hair. It allows the colour to shine naturally and pampers hair with nourishing care – for naturally silky, smooth hair that is effortlessly manageable, completely silicone-free.

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For best results, use a special conditioner on colour-treated hair after every wash, such as lavera’s Colour & Care Conditioner, and once a week, an intensively effective repair treatment with valuable organic oils will round off the routine wonderfully.

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Top tips for colour-treated hair

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Only wash freshly coloured hair after two days so that the colour pigments can settle in the hair structure.

Cold water seals the outer cuticle. It is therefore advisable to rinse your hair in cold water after washing it.

Intense heat during daily styling damages colour-treated hair. If possible, avoid using a blow-dryer and straighteners. If this is not possible, make sure that you use a heat protective spray.

Chlorinated water usually contains chemical products to protect against algae, which can cause a green tinge in hair that has been dyed blonde.

All products for colour-treated hair
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