Sensitive Scalp

It’s not just the lengths and ends of your hair that decide what kind of hair care you need. Taking a look at your scalp is also helpful. Burning or tingling, itching, redness, dandruff or tightness can be signs of a sensitive scalp. The various triggers range from stress and allergies to incorrect care and an unbalanced diet. To find the cause of your sensitive scalp, a hair care diary can help. For example, document what you use to care for your hair, how often you wash it and what external influences your hair is exposed to. If you have acute symptoms, contact your family doctor without waiting around.

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Q10 lavera Naturkosmetik

What helps with a sensitive scalp? 

The lavera basis sensitiv Moisture & Care Shampoo, which is certified to meet the standard for natural cosmetics, is a boon for sensitive scalps. It has a well-tolerated, mild formula with the powerhouse ingredient organic aloe vera, and is gentle on sensitive scalps and intensively moisturising. For manageable hair that feels soft, completely silicone-free.

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Care tips for a sensitive scalp

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Too much heat irritates the scalp and dries it out.

Shampoo and conditioner should always be washed out very carefully so that they do not unnecessarily stress your sensitive scalp after washing.

Metal or plastic bristles can further irritate your scalp. Brushes made of natural hair or ones with soft, rounded bristles are better.

Did you know? A balanced diet with fresh, vitamin-rich foods makes an important contribution for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

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