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Organic Aloe Vera – Nature’s all-rounder

Survivor, desert beauty and crammed with valuable substances – hardly any other ingredient supplies your skin with as many vitamins and nutrients as this popular desert plant. It was already a popular medicinal plant thousands of years ago – in numerous cultures around the world! At lavera Naturkosmetik, Aloe Vera has been used from the very start as an important source of moisture in many care products.

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The mystery of Aloe Vera – a beauty plant with a history 

The Aloe Vera plant that is so popular and versatile in natural cosmetics is a true mystery. Even the Ancient Egyptians swore by the healing effects of the “plant of immortality”: Indeed, Nefertiti and Cleopatra both knew all about natural beauty treatments! In Ancient Rome, Aloe Vera juice was used to heal (battle) wounds, and Christopher Columbus took the plant with him on his trips to America, where it was even worshipped by the Mayas as a sacred plant. We use this power of nature in numerous lavera Naturkosmetik products for natural beauty!

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Aloe Vera – Also known as the lily of the desert

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Admittedly, Aloe Vera is only a real beauty on the inside. The plant is rather unattractive, its angular appearance makes it similar to a cactus, but botanically speaking it belongs to the lily family, hence its beautiful name “lily of the desert”. The leaves can reach 50 cm in length and are jagged along the edges. The plant forms orangey-yellow flowers on a stem that can reach up to one metre in height. Today, Aloe Vera plants are propagated and cultivated in the USA, Central and South America, in Spain and Australia. 

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The extremely robust Aloe Vera is a true survivor in dry regions and stores water in its thick, cactus-like leaves, which it then supplies with the fluid they need to survive over a long time – even several months on end. Persistent lone fighter: Under extreme conditions, this self-sufficient plant can simply produce the nutrients it needs. After a long period of drought, the leaves shrink, but after the first rainfall they stand upright once again – all thanks to the Aloe Vera gel inside the leaves. The Aloe Vera simply heals even small lesions on the leaves with its own gel. It seals the “wounds” like a plaster, thus helping the healing process. Nature can be so fascinating …

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Geschnittene Aloe Vera Pflanze auf Holzuntergrund mit weißem Cremetiegel

Aloe Very healthy: Plant with a powerful cocktail of substances

In this case, nature really came up with some great ideas: In its fleshy leaves, the plant stores numerous valuable nutrients. The seemingly endless list is like a colourful potpourri of fantastic ingredients: Polysaccharides, enzymes and ferments, non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals, trace elements and vitamins all lie dormant in the Aloe Vera leaves. The highly concentrated density of nutrients is what makes it so popular in our personal care products. 

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Aufgeschnittene Aloe Vera Blätter auf Holztisch

“First-aid plant” 

Aloe Vera gel (the innermost flesh of the leaves) can help to heal wounds thanks to its wound healing promoting and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Organic aloe vera in our products
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