dunkelrote trauben vor weißem hintergrund

Organic grapes - small seeds, large beauty benefit

Who doesn’t love those little red and green grapes? These aromatic, small fruits make for a tasty and healthy snack, are a great topping on muesli and - more traditionally - provide a fruity contrast to a tasty piece of cheese. The fruit, which is as popular today as ever, has been used as a remedy for thousands of years. Even in old times, people knew that the precious oil extracted from the seeds was moisturising and promoted healing. The nourishing and valuable fruit extracts from organic grapes can also be found in selected lavera Naturkosmetik products. 

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Naturaufnahme von dunklen Weintrauben am Baum mit dunklen Blaettern

Real grapes - real enjoyment

The “real grapevine” (Latin: Vitis vinifera) is a woody plant which can climb up to 10 metres tall, with many well-branched tendrils which grow particularly well in warm climates. It belongs to the grapevine family and its wonderful sweet-and-sour fruits are typically harvested in autumn. They are packed with nutrients and contain tartaric and malic acid, sugar, pectin and anthocyanin, a natural dye that gives dark grapes their intense colour. The grapes are also full of vital minerals: vitamin A, B1 and B2 and vitamin C.

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The best of the grape for beautiful skin

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Dunkle und gruene Weintrauben mit Blaettern auf weißem Holztisch

Valuable oil can be extracted from the seeds and is ideal for use in natural hair and skin products. We use this precious and hydrating organic grape seed oil in selected lavera Naturkosmetik products, which also have healing properties.

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Rote Trauben mit Wassertropfen auf weißem Untergrund

It provides valuable moisture for skin and hair and is ideal for treating areas of dry skin. At lavera Naturkosmetik, we not only use the precious oil from the seed but also the high-quality fruit extract. Thanks to its high proportion of secondary plant extracts (particularly resveratrol) and numerous vitamins (including A and C), it has an antioxidant effect on skin. 

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Organic grapes in our production

In the lavera hair care range, organic grape seed oil and organic quinoa are an important part of our carefully balanced natural compositions for normal to dry hair. It nourishes your hair from root to tip and helps to repair split ends.

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