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Do you have a question about our products? Lavera Naturkosmetik has provided you with frequently asked questions and matching answers in 7 categories.

Facial Skin Care

Why should I use a facial toner?

The lavera facial tonic belongs to the second care step (purifying and preparing). This care step is effective in two phases.

First, facial toner removes final remnants of the cleansing product, along with any loose skin cells remaining on the surface.

Second, facial toner optimally prepares the skin for subsequent care. Facial toners contain high-quality moisturising factors. These remain on the skin after using the facial toner. This enables the active ingredients of the subsequent lavera care creams (oil-in-water emulsion) to be absorbed more effectively by the skin. Moreover, the remaining moisture allows the care product to be more effectively spread on facial skin.

Can I also remove waterproof make-up with the natural cosmetic cleansing products?

The lavera Naturkosmetik line of make-up does not include any waterproof products such as mascara, for example, as they cannot be produced as waterproof without silicone oils or plastics. Our mild cleansing products contain oil-based ingredients (e.g. soybean oil, olive oil, shorea butter) with which waterproof make-up can be removed. However, there is not as strong a cleansing effect as with a conventional cleansing product.

Are the products for blemished skin only intended for ""young, youthful" skin?

Even more mature skin may sometimes tend to develop blemishes due to excessive sebum production. The lavera facial skin care products with organic mint are designed to free the skin of impurities and excess sebum. Mint helps to prevent blemishes. On the one hand, the skin is moisturised with plant-based moisturising factors, and on the other hand, active ingredients help to purify and mattify the skin, reducing irritation.

Can I easily combine lavera facial skin care products with one another?

Yes, definitely, lavera facial skin care products can indeed be easily combined with one another. The skin has changing needs and challenges depending on the outside and inside conditions. In the winter, your skin may need more care and lipids than in the summer, and at night we recommend a richer cream than during the day. Yet here as well, skin needs may vary depending upon the season or personal well-being.

Do the day care products offer UV protection?

Our facial creams contain ingredients that offer natural UV protection and are suitable for normal everyday conditions – between home and the workplace. However, the natural protection in the formula is very low, so we do not specify a sun protection factor (SPF). These products do not involve sunscreens, but rather products with low natural UV protection due to naturally occurring plant ingredients. This sun protection factor would be too low for staying out in intense sunlight, therefore we offer special products from our sun protection series: Sun Cream LSF 30 and Sun Cream SPF 50.


What are the elements that go into lavera fragrances?

lavera exclusively uses natural oils, extracts or hydrolates for the particular fragrance composition. Essential oils are substances that have a direct effect on the human organism and are obtained by pressing, extraction or distillation. For each fragrance mixture, the company has a safety data sheet from the respective perfumer or supplier. That's why we are able to guarantee: The fragrances used are 100% natural.

What are fatty alcohols?

Fatty alcohol is a component of natural fats and oils. Fatty alcohols are wax-like, solid substances. lavera uses various fatty alcohols that are plant-based and comply with the guidelines for "controlled natural cosmetics" as natural thickening agents or to provide consistency in emulsions.

Does alcohol dry out the skin?

The decisive factor for this is the percentage content of alcohol in cosmetic products. For facial toners, there recommendations from dermatologists ranging between 10 and 20% depending on the skin type. In the case of deodorants, the recommended proportion is even much higher. lavera formulations are based on these recommendations. That is why severe dehydration, skin damage or irritation is not to be expected.

Is the "coconut fatty acid glutamate" used by lavera comparable to the flavour enhancer, "glutamate"?Does alcohol dry up the skin?

Both substances are made from glutamic acid. This acid occurs in almost all proteins in our foodstuffs and is used by the human organism for body protein synthesis.

The proper name for the flavour enhancer is monosodium glutamate (or glutamate, for short) and is the monosodium salt of glutamic acid. It is normally derived from wheat protein or residues from sugar beet processing. Sodium glutamate is mainly used for the industrial production of canned soups, meat, fish and vegetables, as well as seasonings, and can lead to an allergic reaction in sensitive persons or when eaten in large quantities (so-called Chinese restaurant syndrome).

In terms of its mode of action, the coconut fatty acid glutamate ingredient we use (Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate) is not at all comparable with the monosodium glutamate described above. It is manufactured as follows: Fermentation from sugar produces a mixture of mono- and di-sodium salt of glutamic acid. Coconut oil is used to create esters of these salts. This results in a very mild surfactant which has nothing in common with the flavour enhancer. We use coconut fatty acid glutamate in cleansing gels, shower gels, cleansing gels and toothpastes, thanks to its very good foaming properties.

Why is alcohol contained in the products?

We use organic alcohol or aqueous alcohol extracts in our products. Among other purposes, alcohol serves to dissolve water-insoluble substances from plants and also has deodorant properties. What's more, it is used as part of our system of natural preservatives, as we do not use any synthetic preservatives in our natural cosmetics.

Body Care

What is special about lavera deodorants?

Thanks to naturally-derived active ingredients, lavera deodorant products provide mild deodorant protection without preventing natural perspiration.

Natural make up

Are the mascaras also suitable for contact lens wearers?

Yes, all lavera mascaras have been tested by eye doctors and are also suitable for contact lens wearers.

How do I create accents with the powder rouge?

For an oval face, you create the best effect if you apply it directly onto the cheekbones. If your face tends to have a rounder shape, it is better to powder below the cheeks. That way, you take away its fullness and lend it a radiant, expressive look.

How can I bring out a naturally beautiful look in my lips?

Your lips will look particularly full and colourful if you apply a layer of Glossy Lips over Beautiful Lips. The shimmering accents of the lip gloss create fine highlights on your lips and let them shine. To make your lips look fuller, just put a little gloss on the middle of the lips.

lavera mascara contains essential oils - Is there also a fragrance-neutral Mascara?

lavera mascara contain essential oils that perform two important functions in the formula: On the one hand, they give the mascara its pleasant fragrance and, at the same time, essential oils take on the characteristics of a natural preservative. Based on the formulation, the products are suitable for the sensitive eye zone. That is why lavera does not offer a fragrance-neutral mascara.

Sun care

How often do I have to put on a mineral sunscreen product again?

Especially after swimming, sweating or drying off with a towel, the sunscreen should be restored.

Can I also become sunburned in the shade?

UV rays can also be found in shady places. That is why the rule applies there as well: Don't forget to use sunscreen! Avoid intense midday sun and never expose babies and children to direct sunlight.

Do small children still need protective clothing despite sunscreens with a high sun protection factor (SPF higher than 25)?

Babies and children should be additionally protected from dangerous solar radiation by protective clothing, especially on their head and upper body.

How do I use lavera sun protection products properly?
  • Shake the sun product very well before use!
  • Sunscreen products should be generously applied prior to sunbathing.
  • Applying only small amounts reduces the level of protection.
  • The SPF cannot be extended through repeated use.
  • Avoid contact with clothing, as stains are possible.
Can I do without normal sun protection after using a self-tanning lotion?

The self-tanner offers no sun protection, as it only tends the upper layer of the skin.

Will the tanning lotion discolour my clothes?

You should wait before putting on your clothes until the self-tanner has been completely absorbed.

How do I avoid uneven stains on elbows and knees?

The skin on the elbows and knees is particularly dense, so there are more amino acids that react with the natural self-tanning active ingredients. When putting on the self-tanner, be careful not to use too much product for your elbows, knees, ankles and feet.

Here's a small tip: It is advisable to spread the product thinly over these areas when putting it on your arms and legs. You can also use a cosmetic tissue for this. Also avoid the hairline and the eyebrows, as well as fingernails and toenails, as these also contain amino acids that react.

Important: Wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap after each use.

Does the skin take on an unnatural colour when using self-tanning products?

The tanning effect achieved with lavera self-tanning products is – deliberately – not comparable to traditional cosmetic products. The natural self-tanning active ingredients react with amino acids and thus underscore your natural complexion.

How do I achieve an even tanning effect with a self-tanner?

In order to achieve an even tanning effect, it is recommended to use a body scrub one a week to smooth the skin surface and to free it from dead skin cells. The self-tanning products, used 1-2 times per week, lends your skin the optimal, natural brown tone.

What is the difference between mineral and synthetic sunscreen?

Sun protection products from lavera:
The 100% mineral sunscreen filter is developed by lavera itself. The formulations are regularly optimised and adapted to the state-of-the-art. The lavera sun protection products offer protection based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

The principle is simple and emulates nature. Just as an elephant throws sand – i.e. minerals – onto its skin – in order to protect it from UV rays, the lavera sun protection factors lie on the skin and reflect the sun's rays.

Synthetic sunscreen & chemical sun filters:
They contain chemical & synthetic factors such as oxybenzone, p-methoxy methyl cinnamates, phenylbezimidazoles. They bind with the lipid layer of the skin and conduct thermal energy away from the skin.

How long does the tan last?

The tanning effect of self-tanning lotion lasts about 3-7 days. Our skin is constantly renewing itself, which means that the skin constantly loses its tan with the skin cells due to the continuous cell renewal. To maintain a beautiful, even tanning effect, you should use the self-tanning lotion approx. 1-2 times per week.

General questions

Which of your products are vegan?

95 percent of the lavera Naturkosmetik product range is vegan and registered with the Vegan Society in UK. You can identify the vegan products by the vegan label on the packaging.

Which products are also suitable during homoeopathic treatment?

In a homoeopathic treatment, there are certain substances that block or counteract the effect of a homoeopathic remedy. Peppermint, menthol and chamomile can be disturbing factors.

For these special requirements, lavera offers the Neutral series with facial and body care products, along with a dental gel. Please discuss any further details with your physician.

What is lavera's position concerning animal testing?

As manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics, it goes without saying that animal testing is not compatible with our mindset and company philosophy. From the beginning, since the company was founded in the year 1987, lavera Naturkosmetik has had deep convictions against animal testing. In the years when lavera was founded, animal welfare in the manufacturing of cosmetic products was hardly established at all. Lavera Naturkosmetik welcomes the fact that since March 2013, a comprehensive marketing ban for cosmetic products and ingredients tested on animals has been in effect in the European Union. This ban is codified in the EU Cosmetic Regulation and applies to all manufacturers of cosmetic products.

From the beginning, lavera Naturkosmetik has conducted animal testing neither on the finished product nor on any of the raw materials, nor do we commission any such animal tests. Since the establishment of Laverana, the manufacturer of lavera Naturkosmetik, we have been working with independent test institutes and testing our cosmetics only on volunteer test participants, including persons with healthy skin, those with atopic dermatitis, allergies, along with persons with sensitive skin.

We adhere to strict guidelines for controlled organic and natural cosmetics of the international NATRUE standard and to the binding guidelines of the EU Cosmetic Regulation.

How does lavera Naturkosmetik ensure the shelf life of its products?

The natural shelf life in certified natural cosmetic products is based on the important interplay of the three important pillars:

  1.  Special manufacturing processes
  2.  Special packaging
  3.  Multifunctionality of the ingredients

In the production process developed for natural cosmetics, the air is pressed out of the containers when filling up tubes, bottles and jars. This is an additional precaution and preservation measure, as yeasts and moulds can only multiply with the aid of oxygen. The packaging made of special plastics is matched to the production system. The openings are designed as small as possible so that germs or oxygen can hardly enter into the products.

Natural extracts have a soothing effect on irritations and a balancing effect on the skin, and, due to their alcohol content, are part of a natural preservation process. Beeswax, for example, provides a thin, moisturising protective film and is at the same time a building block of the natural preservation system due to its high lipid content. Essential oils are part of the natural fragrance composition in the products and also have preservative properties.

You can identify the shelf life of a product by the best-before date printed on it or by the "cream jar" symbol (PAO = period after opening) which can be found on all cosmetic products. For products with a best-before date, lavera Naturkosmetik generally offers a shelf life of 6-8 months. The packaging size has been chosen so that the products will be used up within this period.

Which toothpaste is also suitable during homoeopathic treatment?

We currently offer homoeopathically compatible dental care with our Neutral Dental Gel.

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