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Just over 30 years old and already brand of the century

lavera natural cosmetics is the brand of the century exclusively for the "Natural Cosmetics" category and thus one of the almost 200 brands that are among the flagship brands of the German economy.

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Every three years, the DEUTSCHE STANDARDS jury selects Brands of the Century in a three-stage selection process.

Since 2002, under the direction of Dr. Florian Langenscheidt published the brand encyclopedia "Brands of the Century", which presents the brands chosen by the jury.

lavera natural cosmetics is the standard for the "Natural Cosmetics" category and is therefore one of the 200 brands of the century.

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As a natural cosmetics full-range supplier, we have been pampering young and old with care products from nature for 35 years, which are produced in a closed production and manufacturing chain in the Hanover region.

We are delighted about the award from the GERMAN STANDARDS jury and are concentrating on continuing to set new standards in terms of effectiveness, quality and tolerability.

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