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Proper care for dry skin: What you need to know

Is your skin a “sensitive soul”? Especially when temperatures are at their most extreme, i.e. in winter and summer, daily care for dry and sensitive skin can be a real challenge. People with this – unfortunately increasingly common – skin type tend to fret about the condition of their stressed skin. Mild, organic plant-based ingredients that do not irritate dry skin and comprehensive care formulas promise gentle natural help for dry, sensitive skin. We’ll tell you what to look out for in terms of cleansing and nourishment, on this page. 

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These are signs of dry skin

Dry skin often indicates reduced activity in the sebaceous glands. It is lacking both moisture and oil. The unpleasant consequences: The function of the skin’s protective acid mantle is disrupted. The external signs of this lack of function may be flaky and rough patches of skin (e.g. on the cheeks), partial redness and even fine cracks on the skin. In many cases, dry skin itches unpleasantly and tightens. The early formation of wrinkles (caused by dryness) is possibly one of the unwanted results of dry and damaged skin.

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Mild nourishment with lots of natural oils and moisture

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Zutaten und Utensilien für Gesichts oder Koerperpflege auf Marmor

Mild, pampering products with as low an alcohol percentage as possible should be used on dry skin. First and foremost, the lipid and moisture balance must be restored, and your skin supplied with sufficient oils. 6 Comprehensive 6, protective and enriching nourishing creams are best suited to dry and sensitive skin. Learn what this means for the individual steps in your daily beauty regime in the next section.

Proper facial care for dry and sensitive skin

Dry skin requires extra-mild nourishment that doesn’t dry out the skin and offers especially long-lasting moisture. Your daily beauty routine should therefore focus on soothing and protecting the skin. Facial care products for dry and demanding skin are tasked with supporting or building up the skin’s protective mantle and reducing any tightness. 

Your day cream should ideally fill up the empty moisture deposits in your skin in the morning, e.g. with the help of valuable substances like hyaluronic acid. Its skin protection, moisture preserving, and skin tightening properties can counteract dryness caused by ageing in particular. A finely balanced formula of valuable organic oils and fats on the one hand and valuable moisturising factors on the other, is also the ideal care solution for night cream. Moisturising serums or facial oils are a useful supplement when caring for dry skin. 

Wrinkles caused by dryness (as a result of age) often develop around the eyes and lips. An intensely nourishing eye cream can therefore be patted into your skin in the morning and the evening as the last step in your daily beauty regime .

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Facial cleansing? Absolutely, but please stay on the soft side...

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Dry and sensitive skin needs especially gentle care, as it can react significantly more sensitively to detergent substances. Active ingredients that complement one another with added moisturisers, like those lavera Naturkosmetik offers you, are the ideal natural care solution. To thoroughly remove dirt particles and make-up residues from your damaged skin, it is best to use a mild cleansing milk. They provide moisture and nourishment from the very first time you cleanse. 

Top tip: Take care not to wash your face with water that is too hot as it will stress your dry skin even more. For a clear complexion, you can then use a mild toner that gently clarifies your skin so that it is perfectly prepared for nourishment. 

Beauty tips for a beautiful complexion

For a little extra pampering to keep you going, we recommend applying a soothing and moisturising, purifying mask once or twice a week when you have some peace and quiet. Have you heard these two tricks before?

A relaxing beauty bath is a real win-win situation for your skin and senses! The warm steam opens up your pores and the valuable plant-based ingredients in the purifying mask can penetrate your skin.

Have you ever tried leaving one of our cream masks on overnight? When applied thinly, the valuable ingredients have enough time to be absorbed into your skin and provide it with moisture and oils during the nightly regeneration phase.

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Gesichtspflege-Utensilien, Pasten und Cremes in Keramikbehaeötnissen auf weißem Hintergrund

Short Routine

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  • Use a mild cleansing milk that has an enriching effect
  • If necessary, use a mild toner
  • A light, moisturising cream provides your skin with sufficient nourishment for the day
  • Sensitive, dry areas surrounding the eyes can also be looked after with an eye cream.


  • Use cleansing milk/cream with nourishing, enriching properties to remove dirt, sebum and make-up from the skin
  • Mild toner for additional cleansing
  • Comprehensive, enriching night cream for skin regeneration
  • Eye care for wrinkles caused by dryness

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At a glance

What dry skin needs

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  • Regeneration and skin protection are the name of the game in facial care
  • Opt for enriching, mild cleansing products
  • Perfect: The ideal mix of moisture and nourishment
  • Clarify causes of dry skin with a doctor if necessary
  • Drink lots! Drinking two litres of fluid every day supports the right care routine for your skin type
  • Avoid hot showers, long baths, strong sun and dry, warm air, as they encourage the skin to dry out

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