Washing your hair properly – here’s how!

We give you tips on what you should look out for and answer the question of how often you should wash your hair.

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Haarshampoo lavera Naturkosmetik

The first step of washing your hair properly is to find the right shampoo. Everyone’s hair has different needs depending on its type, and only if the ingredients are in perfect balance to your hair’s needs can we achieve the best possible results. For example, if you have fine hair you should select a shampoo that strengthens hair without weighing it down, whereas people with colour-treated hair need a shampoo that keeps the colour looking fresh. Good to know: lavera offers the right care for every hair need and every hair type with carefully balanced natural powerhouse ingredients.

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Maybe you are wondering how often you should wash your hair? For most people it’s fine to wash your hair every two to three days. But who doesn’t love the silky-smooth feeling and scent of freshly washed hair? For this reason, washing their hair every day is a must for many people. Here, it is recommended to use mild shampoos, such as lavera’s organic shampoos, as they do not contain any silicones or synthetic preservatives* which could irritate your scalp.

Here are some more tips for washing your hair properly:

  • Brush your hair thoroughly before washing so that it doesn’t get tangled during washing.

  • Avoid water that is too hot to prevent your hair and scalp from drying out.

  • Ensure that no shampoo residue is left in your hair afterwards. Rule of thumb: Rinse hair for five times as long as lathering it.

  • If you have dull hair, rinse it with cold water after washing it. This closes the upper cuticle and gives the hair a naturally beautiful shine.

*) according to the EU cosmetics regulation

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