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Natural minerals – feel fresh and confident all day long

 For many people, using deodorant is part of their daily beauty routine. Did you know that sweat itself doesn't smell? Body odour happens when bacteria present on the skin break down the sweat. Selected lavera natural deodorants use the power of natural minerals such as calcium and sea salt to protect against body odour. Find out here which natural ingredients we use to prevent it.

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Frau steht mit geschlossenen Augen am Meer und laesst sich die Brise durch die Haare fahren

Natural minerals – treasures of nature

We rely on the power of nature in our deodorants. We consciously refrain from using aluminium salts and favour natural minerals and plant ingredients which counteract body odour the gentle way. Natural minerals such as calcium and high-quality sea salt are among the valuable ingredients used in our deodorants of certified natural cosmetic quality.

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Natural minerals in our products

Natural minerals provide effective protection against body odour and are an important part of the formulas of our natural deodorants. Combined with other high-quality ingredients, they can help reduce the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria. Want to treat your body to this fresh sensation? Discover our effective deodorant protection – naturally without aluminium salts.

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