drei kleine gelbe aprikosen an aprikosenbaum hängend

Organic apricot – A fruity all-rounder for velvety-soft skin 

Apricots feel soft and downy to the touch. Don’t you wish your skin was just as velvety soft? Apricot kernels are packed with a rich oil which holds the key to soft skin. Benefit from this natural beauty booster now.

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mehrere einzelne gelb orange Aprikosen liegen auf weißem tisch

A sweet fruit with a mysterious origin

Did you know that apricot is one of the oldest cultivated fruits? The world famous fruit was first brought to Europe from Persia as early as 300 BC, but its origins have not been fully elucidated. Thousands of years ago in China, apricots were thought to have aphrodisiac qualities. The origins of the apricot are also revealed by its Latin name, Prunus Armeniaca (“Armenian plum”), although the apricot tree is also said to have once been native to what is now Iran and to Turkey. One thing is clear, however: since time immemorial, this yellow-red fruit has been held to have important health properties. It is also delicious: apricots are traditionally made into jam, dried or preserved in sugar syrup.

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A hardy tree with exquisite fruits

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This robust tree grows up to 10 metres high, with small oval leaves. Apricot trees are now grown in many countries with moderately warm climates and soils. The world popular stone fruit belongs to the rose family. The flowers are bright white to delicate pink and resemble cherry blossom. The ripe fruits are harvested as early as the end of May.

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A nutrient-rich core skin

Organic apricot kernel oil is a nutrient-rich, fatty plant-based oil. It is obtained by cold pressing the soft inner seed of the apricot pit and has a light yellow colour. Its composition is similar to that of sweet almond oil and just as well tolerated. Rich in valuable essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it is the perfect face oil for all skin types. Dry and stressed skin in particular benefits from the properties of pectin, one of the key components of apricot kernel oil. This natural plant polysaccharide forms a thin protective layer on the skin that seals in moisture. Other valuable nutrients include vitamins A and B, flavonoids, carotene and folic acid.
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kleine glasflasche mit hellgelbem öl und aufgeschnittenen aprikosen mit kernen auf holztisch

Gentle care for dry skin

Organic apricot oil is a true skin protector! This gentle, well-tolerated oil8 helps the skin to retain valuable moisture. Its high content of oleic and linoleic acid makes it ideal for dry and mature skin. Smooths the skin and promotes cell renewal. Helps to regenerate and return softness in particular to chapped or rough skin. Soothes stressed skin and also has an antibacterial effect.

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Eine Hand ist in die andere gelegt

The ultimate beauty oil for hand and nail care

This high-quality organic apricot kernel oil is particularly silky and easily glides on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth, This makes it the perfect ingredient for hand and nail care! You will see Dry hands, cuticles and brittle nails literally soak up this oil and the valuable substances it contains. But that’s not all: It absorbs quickly and leaves a gentle shimmer on the skin, without excess shine. The perfect oil for your home nail spa!

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Organic apricot in our products

Used in selected hands and nail care products from lavera, our high quality organic apricot kernel oil can help the skin to retain moisture. The vitamin E it contains helps to strengthen sensitive cuticles. With lavera, the feeling of soft, smooth and well-nourished skin is just a snap of the fingers away!

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