In der Mitte halbierte Kokosnuss mit brauner Schale auf weißem Hintergrund

Organic coconut – Caribbean feeling for your skin 

Organic coconut is a particularly popular ingredient in Naturkosmetik products thanks to its skincare properties. The extracts and oils of this exotic fruit reveal soft beautiful skin.

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Braunes Holztablett mit kleiner Ölflasche mit hellbraunem Öl und halbierter Kokosnuss auf dunklem Tisch

Beauty Booster

The precious substances found in this natural beauty booster make it a key ingredient in lavera body care and cleansing products.

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Coconuts - perfectly at home in holiday hotspots

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Cultivation of the coco palm is a tradition going back thousands of years: indigenous people were even growing coco palms 3000 to 4000 years ago. The prized fruit of these palm trees, the famous coconut, provides a precious flesh, also known as copra. This is the source of the valuable coconut oil.

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Organic coconuts are typically grown in Southeast Asia and the tropics. They are mostly found in coastal areas as they love the salty sea air. Did you know that a single coconut palm can provide up to 10,000 coconuts?

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Geöffnete Kokosnuss mit Wassersplash auf weißem Hintergrund

Hard shell, healthy inside

If you crack open the hard shell of the coconut, you'll be rewarded with a healthy mix of precious power nutrients. The coconut oil hidden in the flesh contains 90% unsaturated fatty acids, as well as sterols, tocopherols, calcium, amino acids, potassium, sodium, vitamin E, and more. It even has antibacterial properties and provides valuable moisture.

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Zwei Kokosnusshälften liegen auf großen grünen Palmblättern und Schale mit weißem Kokosnussfleisch auf rosa Untergrund

Supports healthy teeth

This exotic superfruit can also be relied on for your daily dental care. Organic coconut oil supports the effect of our natural toothpastes with its antibacterial properties which prevent tooth decay. This valuable oil protects against bad breath and dental stains. Our special tip: Also ideal for oil pulling.

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Organic coconut in our products
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