Drachenfrucht Plantage mit einzelnen Kaktuspflanzen mit pinken Drachenfrüchten

Organic dragon fruit – The exotic source of vitamins

 May we introduce you? The dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya – a true exotic amongst the lavera plant ingredients! Granted, it is by no means a classic beauty in terms of appearance – the somewhat angular and very striking cactus fruit from South America, which, thanks to the spikes on its back, is reminiscent of the mythical creature to which it owes its name: the dragon! Yet, as is so often the case, when it comes to the Pitaya it is what is inside that counts: the fruit is crammed full of impressive vitamin power and numerous beneficial minerals.

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Eine aufgeschnittene und eine ganze pinkfarbene Drachenfrucht auf dunklem Holzuntergrund

Sure to give you wanderlust! The homeland of the organic dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is believed to originate from Central America. Nowadays, it is grown in the tropical regions of South America, Israel, Vietnam and China. The Pitaya is the fruit of a climbing cactus plant by the name of hylocereus undatus. The shoots can reach up to 5 metres in length and like to coil around walls or other plants. This close connection with other objects gives the cactus plant a very secretive and mystical appearance. Hylocereus undatus belongs to the cactus family and thus prefers warm and humid climates that provide it with plenty of heat and light.

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A genuine powerhouse

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Aufgeschnittene pinke Drachenfrucht mit zwei einzelnen Hälften und einer ganzen Drachenfrucht auf weißem Hintergrund

The organic dragon fruit is an exotic vitamin miracle, as it contains a host of valuable vitamins (including C, B3, B2, and E) as well as iron, folic acid, calcium and phosphorus. The lycopenes in the fruit have an antioxidant effect. 

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Aufgeschnittene und ganze pinke Drachenfrucht auf weißem Hintergrund

The particularly high vitamin C content supports the immune system. The enzymes and bioflavonoids contained in the vitamin C support a wide range of metabolic products within the body.

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