Feines grünes Matcha Tee-Pulver

Organic matcha – Green power with enhanced vitality

Bright green matcha powder is more than just an exciting ingredient used by budding food bloggers to jazz up any dish, thanks to its intense, bold colour – with its highly concentrated selection of nutrients, green tea - in powder form - can make an important contribution to your health. When consumed on a regular basis, the valuable and healthy extracts of this tea have a balancing and strengthening effect. We too make use of the health benefits of this green power powder: as a high-quality plant extract, it is used in a number of lavera Naturkosmetik products – all organic, of course!

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Grüne Teeblätter an Strauch mit Wassertropfen in Nahaufnahme

Green stimulant

Matcha tea is a powdered tea made from whole, ground green tea leaves. Matcha tea scores points with its wide range of beneficial ingredients, which have a stimulating effect on your body and soul. 

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Green power for enhanced vitality

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Holzlöffel mit grünem Matchapulver auf hellgrauem Hintergrund

To produce the bright green matcha tea, the tealeaves are placed in the dark prior to being harvested, which promotes the production of chlorophyll. The leaves are then handpicked, dried, and ground into a fine powder. To prepare a tea infusion, hot water is poured over the green tea powder, which is dissolved by stirring. The advantage of this particular method of preparation is that the valuable nutrients are retained, which, in addition to caffeine, include theobromine, flavonoids, polyphenols, fats and vitamin C. Incidentally, the polyphenol content in green tea is higher than that in black tea.

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Grünes Matcha-Tee Pulver auf einem Haufen auf weißem Untergrund

In selected lavera products, we use beneficial green tea extracts from controlled organic cultivation. 

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Organic matcha in our products

Organic matcha extracts in lavera body care products provide an invigorating boost of freshness. In lavera hair care products, the carefully blended plant components can help restore balance to your scalp. The caffeine in the extracts can provide a lasting boost of freshness.

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