Naturaufnahme Orangenbaum mit reifen Orangen

Organic orange – a mood booster in natural beauty products

A vivacious pick-me-up: the orange impresses on account of its role as an invigorating mood booster, as its fragrance emits a pleasant warmth, which really lifts the mood. Not only can the stimulating effect of the sweet and fruity fragrance lift the spirits, it also has a soothing effect on the nerves. We at lavera Naturkosmetik also make use of the fruity-sweet aroma of this orange power fruit in our personal hygiene products.

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Geschnittene Orangenscheiben mit dunkelgruenen Blaettern und kleiner Oelflasche auf weißem Holztisch

An invigorating boost of freshness, thanks to the fruity orange fragrance

Many associate this orange fruit with the Mediterranean region, which is primarily where it is grown nowadays. However, the deciduous tress, which grow as tall as 10 metres, do not actually originate from this region at all, but rather from tropical Asia. Known in Chinese botanical medicine as "Zhi shi”, it is believed to regulate the life force, the Qi, as it can curb flatulence and bloatedness, among other benefits. In modern cosmetics it is mainly essential orange peel oil that is used, first and foremost on account of its enticing fragrance. That said, orange peel oil also boasts skin-soothing properties and helps to reinvigorate a dull complexion. 

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New energy and pure skin refreshment

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Korb gefuellt mit frisch geernteten Orangen mit Stengeln und Blaettern

We use an orange peel extract from controlled organic cultivation (acquired from the outer pericarp of the orange) in the formulation of selected lavera cleansing and care products.

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Halbierte Orangen und Blutorangen mit einzelnen Orangenstueckchen und Schale auf Holztisch

The extract contains vitamin C, carotene and flavonoids, among other components.

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Organic orange in our products

Morning pick-me-up: the fresh-smelling orange peel extract that is used in lavera Naturkosmetik products invigorates your senses and can lift your mood. The energising orange fragrance makes for moments of true pleasure and relaxation.

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