Dunkle Vanilleschoten mit großer weißer Bluete auf dunklem Holztisch in Nahaufnahme

Organic vanilla - a wellness retreat for your skin

Its fragrance alone triggers a sense of well-being: exuding warmth and comfort, it reminds us of the deliciously sweet Christmas season or warm summer holidays. It's therefore no surprise that vanilla scent is one of the most popular aromas worldwide. This exotic climbing plant is also beneficial for your skin: the valuable extract obtained from the flesh of the fruit produces irresistibly soft skin when combined with other nourishing plant-based ingredients.

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Naturbild einer Vanillepflanze mit gruener Bluete und geschlossenen Knospen in Nahaufnahme

Exotic climbing artist

These plants like to climb up high: vanilla, with its botanical name "Vanilla planifolia", is a climbing orchid plant that can reach heights of up to 25 metres. Thanks to its powerful stalk and "sticky" tendrils, it can reach treetop heights, showing its talent as a real climbing artist. It belongs to the family of so-called orchidaceous plants and loves the heat: although it originated in Mexico it is now largely cultivated in Madagascar, Central America and Indonesia. 

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Patience required to obtain the perfect vanilla scent 

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Nahaufnahme einiger dunkler Vanilleschoten mit großer cremefarbener Bluete auf dunklem Untergrund

Did you know that harvesting real vanilla is extremely complex? The drying and fermentation time typically takes up to 18 months as the pods are harvested while green, then have to be dried and fermented as part of a multi-stage process to obtain the intense aroma of the vanilla pod.

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Drei Vanilleschoten mit hellgelber Bluete auf dunklem Holztisch

Your beauty gift to yourself: soft, fragrant skin

Vanilla extract can help balance imperfections in dry skin. The deliciously warm vanilla scent gently soothes and nourishes.

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