Plant-based squalane – the secret to silky soft skin

 This vegan ingredient acts as a natural "softener" for your skin! This odourless oil glides on easily and helps protect your skin from moisture loss. We reveal how plant-based squalane derived from olives can help you achieve a natural glow.

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Natural skin protection

Plant-based squalane is a colourless ingredient with skin-nourishing properties. It is extracted from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil. This odourless oil is also found in the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, where its role is to prevent moisture loss and improve the structure of the natural lipid film. In our cosmetic products, plant-based squalane ensures good spreadability and rapid absorption. It also replenishes the skin's lipids, thus protecting it from moisture loss. Furthermore, plant-based squalane improves the elasticity of the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.
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Plant-based squalane in our products

Plant-based squalane absorbs quickly, glides on easily and is suitable for all skin types – the ideal all-rounder for your beauty routine! It gives the delicate skin of the face that trendy glass skin look, like a slightly shimmery glaze. Also helps combat those pesky fine lines.

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