Vitamin C – the superpower vitamin for beautiful skin

Are you looking for radiant, beautiful skin with a delicate glow? Then be sure to look out for the superpower ingredient vitamin C! Used in selected lavera facial care products, its full power is activated to preserve your natural beauty. Read about why this ingredient is so important for your skin.

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Important radical scavenger

The water-soluble vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is probably the best known vitamin. We use the high-quality vitamin C derivatives ascorbyl glucoside (water-soluble) and ascorbyl palmitate (oil-soluble) as key ingredients in selected products. Both ingredients are important radical scavengers which help protect your skin against oxidative damage.

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An essential vitamin

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A brief history: The very name ascorbic acid already tells us that vitamin C is essential for our physical health. It comes from the Latin “ascorbus”, which means “no scurvy”. This well-known vitamin deficiency disease was the undoing of many sailors on their expeditions in centuries gone by. It was not until it was discovered that citrus fruits, green vegetables such as broccoli, and strawberries in particular contained high levels of vitamin C that these vitamin-rich foods became an integral part of the provisions on board, and the disease began to be brought under control in the 18th century.

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Vitamin C in your skin care routine

A tidbit of beauty knowledge: Pure vitamin C is difficult to incorporate into skin care products because it is a somewhat unstable ingredient. Therefore, cosmetics mainly rely on more stable vitamin C derivatives, i.e. variants. 

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When the natural glow fades...

Environmental damage, stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and simply our bodies ageing can cause your skin to lose its radiance – it becomes “duller” and loses elasticity. Larger pores, dry skin and wrinkles caused by the natural breakdown of collagen with age can make your complexion appear less “rosy” and your natural glow diminish. 

But with our help, you can counteract this with valuable anti-ageing ingredients that re-tighten the skin and protect it from free radicals. Our invigorating, vitalising ingredients, e.g. vitamin C, help with this.

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Strong collagen fibres

Vitamin C is important for building collagen and essential for the formation of firm and stable collagen fibres. Collagen fibres are important protein molecules that form and support the connective tissue of the skin. Strong collagen fibres keep the skin firm and counteract signs of ageing. A good supply of vitamin C therefore helps your skin to form and maintain this connective tissue.

Besides its superpower as a collagen booster, vitamin C is an important radical scavenger and can protect your skin from oxidative damage. In this way, the vitamin can counteract harmful oxidation processes in the cells and tissues and have a skin-regenerating effect.

Furthermore, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, vitamin C can help heal wounds as well as improve blemishes and acne. Your skin can also benefit from vitamin C in the case of hyperpigmentation (pigmentation spots).

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Vitamin C in our products

The vitalising care composition of some lavera face care products gives your skin a natural, fresh glow. The products containing vitamin C protect your skin from oxidative stress through their antioxidant effect and can help to strengthen and maintain your skin's firmness. Say goodbye to a tired complexion – with lavera Naturkosmetik!

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