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For alluring eyes: seductive depths of colour, subtle accents or a touch of glamour. lavera Naturkosmetik brings you a highly diverseeye make-up range: eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and styling gel to create perfect contours, mascara for a glamorous look, eyeshadows for shimmering highlights and intensive colour effects, eyeshadow base for a long-lasting hold and make-up remover for gentle cleansing afterwards. We have everything you need to make your eyes stand out, and plenty more.

All lavera eye make-up products are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and are also suitable for contact lense wearers.

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Trend look 2021: Abstract Eyes

This summer we're wearing the eyeliner in a geometric shape. Not on the lash line, but prominently above the eyelids.

For the abstract eyeliner look, first set small dots with the liquid eyeliner in black, this helps to draw the spectacular eyeliner. Now connect the dots with the precise felt applicator and improve the thickness of the line. 

Apply the Powerful Lashes Mascara to the upper lashes. It gives the eyelashes an impressive transformation for a spectacular appearance. Emphasize the lower lash line with Soft Eyeliner - Green 06. 

Extra tip: If you have shaky hands, it is best to support your elbow, then it will be easier to handle.

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