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Ingredients – FAQ

Do you have any questions about our ingredients? Your question may already have been answered. Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

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lavera uses only natural oils, extracts or hydrolates for the particular fragrance creation. Essential oils are substances which directly affect the human organism and are obtained by pressing, extraction or distillation.

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Fatty alcohols are a component of natural fats and oils. Fatty alcohols are wax-like, solid substances. lavera uses a variety of vegetable fatty alcohols which comply with the guidelines for “Certified Natural Cosmetics” as natural emulsifiers or consistency enhancers in emulsions.

This depends on the percentage of alcohol in cosmetic products. Our carefully balanced natural compositions are developed in such a way that the alcohol they contain is able to optimally perform its respective function. We use alcohol in skin careproducts as an extracting agent for our plant ingredients, for example, and it does not compromise the nourishing properties. A higher alcohol content is certainly welcome in deodorants and helps to protect against odour forming. 

Generally speaking, there is no danger of dryness, skin damage or skin irritation arising from the alcohol used in our carefully balanced formulation of active ingredients.

Both substances are related to the natural amino acid glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is found in almost all proteins in our food and the human body uses it for the synthesis of body protein. 

The flavour enhancer is actually called monosodium glutamate (abbreviation glutamate) and is the monosodium salt of glutamic acid. Sodium glutamate is mainly used for the industrial production of soup, meat, fish and vegetable preserves as well as for seasonings and can lead to an allergic reaction in sensitive people or when eaten in large quantities (so-called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome). The cocostenside we use (sodium cocoyl glutamate, disodium cocoyl glutamate), is not at all similar in its mode of action to the monosodium glutamate just described. It is manufactured as follows: Sodium glutamate, which is obtained from sugar by means of fermentation, is esterified with coconut oil. This results in a very mild surfactant which has nothing to do with the flavour enhancer “glutamate”. 

We use the coconut surfactant (sodium cocoyl glutamate, disodium cocoyl glutamate) coconut fatty acid glutamate because of its excellent foaming properties in cleaning, shower and washing gels as well as toothpastes.

As a manufacturer of certified natural personal care products, lavera does not use microplastics in any of its formulas. From the very beginning, lavera Naturkosmetik has relied on alternative, natural ingredients such as silica, salt or sugar crystals and jojoba wax pearls for gentle and natural exfoliation of dead skin cells in its face and body scrubs. Did you know? The use of microplastics and other plastics is not permitted in NATRUE and Ecocert-certified natural personal care products anyway. These certifications guarantee that the product is free from microplastics.

Let us put your mind at rest: Our products are designed to ensure that the alcohol they contain does only what it needs to do, without putting undue stress on the skin. For example, we use alcohol as an extractant for the high-quality plant ingredients used in our natural personal care products; it does not affect their care properties. The amount of alcohol in our formulas is so low that it is unlikely to dry out the skin or cause irritation. The alcohol in lavera roll-on and spray deodorants contributes to their antimicrobial, refreshing and cooling effects and thus plays an important role in the protection against body odour. A certain amount of alcohol is therefore essential to ensure the efficacy of the product, but here too, lavera has been mindful of the delicate underarm skin, with the addition of soothing organic ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel or sage. 

The natural, triple-action hyaluronic acid used in some lavera products comes in three different molecular weights, high, medium and low, making it ideally suited to supply the different layers of the skin with moisture. The different molecular weights fulfil different purposes: 

1. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents transepidermal water loss, thus helping the skin retain moisture. 

2. Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid passes through the epidermis. It can improve skin hydration and reduce wrinkle depth. 

3. Low molecular hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the dermis, helping to store water in the connective tissue and plumping the skin from within. Did you know that hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body? As a natural component of connective tissue, it supports the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge: just one gram of this substance can bind a large amount of water. Our natural hyaluronic acid can help your skin absorb and store more moisture, plumping it from within and smoothing out wrinkles.

Our special tip: If you would like to find out more about our natural hyaluronic acid, take a look at the relevant ingredient page in our Advice section. Moisture boost for your skin Discover lavera’s moisturising facial care right now!

Plant-based keratin consists of hydrolysed corn protein hydrolysed wheat protein and hydrolysed soy protein. These ingredients are known for their hair-protecting properties and can penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Plant-based keratin can strengthen the hair, leaving it feeling soft and more manageable. 

Our special tip: For more information about this ingredient and the products it is used in, please visit our Advice section.

Right from the start, lavera Naturkosmetik has used only alternative, natural ingredients. Only natural exfoliating particles are used in our scrubs which are composed of hydrated silica (an important trace element), sugar or salt crystals and high-quality jojoba wax. The coloured jojoba wax beads used in our face and body scrubs have nourishing properties and also provide gentle exfoliation to the skin, cleansing it pore deep and leaving it optimally prepared for the next products in your skincare routine. On the INCI list on the back of your lavera product, jojoba wax beads are listed as Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil. 

Did you know? The use of microplastics, other plastics and petroleum-based ingredients is not permitted in NATRUE certified natural personal care products. 

 Our special tip: A summary of everything you need to know and detailed information about jojoba wax beads are provided on the relevant ingredients page.

The natural salicylic acid used in our Pure Beauty products is obtained from a plant called Wintergreen and has skin-clarifying and antibacterial properties. Natural salicylic acid effectively rids the skin of impurities and prevents new blemishes.

Discover our facial care with natural salicylic acid

We do not use any synthetic emulsifiers in our products. As an alternative, we use multifunctional natural ingredients in our emulsions (e.g. body lotions, face creams, etc.) which, amongst other functions, act as emulsifiers in order to obtain a smooth product consistence. 

Silica is a natural mineral and is extracted from quartz sand. Silica is used instead of microplastics as a natural cleansing agent in toothpastes, or as a light-reflecting mineral in our colour cosmetics.

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You can find more information about the ingredients in our Advice Centre. Here we have prepared many important ingredients for you and put together exciting information about our organic heroes.

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