We have been working with nature for over 35 years and have set ourselves the goal of preserving it. With the lavera forest project, we actively support the reforestation and protection of forests in Europe, promote environmental education and research and organise hands-on activities, for example in the Karwendel Nature Park in Tyrol or in France.

Our goal as a company and with the lavera brand is to make a contribution to a greener and more sustainable future.

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This is what we are doing for the forests and for you

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 lavera maintains different planting areas and forest maintenance projects. Discover more about them here.

We are already thinking about tomorrow today!

Together with experts, we analyse existing forest areas and determine which tree species are to be replanted. We only plant certified, high-quality tree seedlings in order to transform the current monoculture into a mixed forest. This keeps the forest healthy and preserves it for us. It is important to select native deciduous tree species that can withstand wind and storms and at the same time promote water storage in the forest ecosystem.

By reforesting and through its forest projects, lavera secures important retreat areas for animals. Click here to find out what else we do for animal welfare.

The German forest is in distress

The forests in many parts of the world are in distress. The situation in Germany is only one albeit rather dramatic example: According to current findings, 277,000 hectares of German forests already. This is caused by water shortages, storms or pests such as the bark beetle. Climate change is particularly damaging to commercial woodlands in which there is predominantly only one tree species, such as spruce or other conifers.

* Source: 2020 Report by the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald ("Association for the Protection of German Forests")

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climate change and the protection of our environment are the two most important issues of our time – lavera has been committed to protecting the well-being of animals, humans, and the environment since its founding over 35 years ago. World Earth Day reminds us that we all bear a responsibility for our planet. At lavera, we are firmly determined to make our contribution to the preservation of the environment and continually strive for a more sustainable future!

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What is lavera already doing to protect the planet according to the motto?

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All our products are free from solid and liquid microplastics.

By 2025, our entire range is set to achieve a recycling rate of 85%.

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We already use a 84.8 % share of recyclates in our products.

All lavera plastic bottles will reach a recycled material content of 100 % by 2024.

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For our cream jars, dispensers, and deodorant products, we use glass packaging with a recycled glass content.

We use FSC-certified paper for our paper packaging.

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By 2025, we aim to have no virgin plastic in our packaging, except for decorative cosmetics.

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For a clean world: lavera's vision without new plastic

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Plastic is ubiquitous in our daily lives, and we too still rely on the use of plastic packaging for our products. However, we are doing everything we can to reduce our share of new plastic and instead rely much more on recycled plastic: because this is the only way we can sustainably extend the life of plastic and protect the planet.

There are countless plastic compounds that are derived from petroleum. The material is easily moldable and very stable, lasts an extremely long time, is particularly easy to care for, and very hygienic. Unfortunately, plastic packaging is still indispensable today for medical or cosmetic packaging. However, it is possible to use reprocessed plastics and thus continue to utilize the once extracted valuable plastic.

By 2025, lavera Naturkosmetik has set itself the goal of no longer using packaging that contains new plastic. We are working with packaging manufacturers to develop functional cosmetic packaging made from recyclates.

Already today, lavera's bottles for hair shampoos, shower gels, and body lotions are made from 100% recyclates obtained from milk bottles or consumer waste. And with that, no new plastic is used. For example, about 3.3 million sold lavera products save approximately 87 tons of new plastic.**

*Decorative cosmetics are excluded from this target as we do not yet have satisfactory alternative solutions available. **Excerpt from sales in 2023, source lavera overview for determining the recycling rate.

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