Greasy Hair

Fine, thick or curly – almost every hair type can be greasy. The culprit is usually the scalp: If it produces too much sebum, the roots and ultimately the entire hair become greasy.

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What is the right hair care for greasy hair?

The Freshness & Balance Shampoo from lavera has a formula with organic mint and organic lime that is specially adapted to the needs of greasy hair. It provides intensive cleansing, gives hair lasting freshness, and helps restores the natural balance of the scalp. The result: effortlessly manageable hair that feels irresistibly pampered, completely silicone-free.

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lavera Naturkosmetik Shampoo

Do you have greasy roots but dry tips? Then use a conditioner specifically for the problematic area, for example lavera’s basis sensitiv Moisture & Care Conditioner, and only work it into the tips.

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Top tips for hair that gets greasy quickly

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It is best to wash your hair in the morning, as the sebaceous glands are most active at night and make hair look slightly greasy after getting out of bed.

For more greasy hair, it may be useful to shampoo hair twice. 

Temperatures that are too high when washing or drying hair stimulate sebum production. It is therefore important to pay attention to the temperature, especially if you wash your hair frequently, and use heat protection when using a blow-dryer or simply let your hair air dry straight away.

To conceal greasy roots, create a sleek ponytail or plait your hair. If your hair is generally greasy and you have absolutely no time to wash it, a bun will save the day – or go for a “wet-look” hairstyle.

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