Dry and Damaged Hair

There are different influences that can stress hair and damage its structure. These include combing, back-combing, heat from a blow-dryer, UV exposure as well as salt and chlorine water and, in particular, colouring, bleaching and perming. All of these attack and roughen the cuticle that surrounds each hair. The result: hair becomes dry and looks dull, straw-like and lacks shine, because incoming light can no longer be reflected.

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What is the right care for dry and damaged hair?

There is a new, organic lavera care routine specially for dry and damaged hair. The Repair & Deep Care Shampoo from lavera and the matching Conditioner have natural powerhouse ingredients such as organic macadamia oil and organic argan oil for nourishing hair. They intensely nourish hair from the roots to the tip, helping to effectively repair damaged hair. Without silicones and microplastics etc., your hair regains its suppleness and can be combed and styled effortlessly again.

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Dry and damaged hair in particular regularly needs an extra portion of care and attention after being washed. Use a conditioner such as lavera’s Repair & Deep Care Conditioner and work it into the lengths and ends of your hair. A weekly intensive treatment completes your hair routine for dry and damaged hair – and gives you the good feeling of giving your hair everything it needs to be naturally beautiful again.

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Top tips for dry and damaged hair

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If you definitely want to colour your hair, have it done professionally by your hairdresser. Get your tips trimmed regularly there too. This will help your hair to stay split-free for longer and regenerate itself better.

Rinsing your hair in cold water after washing it smooths the surface of the hair and ensures a natural shine. Your hair will instantly look less stressed.

Avoid heat when styling your hair, use a blow-dryer on a lukewarm setting only, and don’t use curling wands or straighteners.

To avoid hair breakage, choose hairstyles where your hair is not permanently knocking against your shoulders. If you wear your hair in a ponytail, use a soft hairband without metal.

All products for dry and damaged hair
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