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Well-kept teeth signal health and are important for a beautiful smile. Would you also like to go natural when brushing your teeth? Whether with or without fluoride - the vegan lavera dental care is the gentle alternative for your daily oral hygiene. Discover lavera dental care and feel natural freshness for well-groomed teeth.

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Discover the new lavera toothpastes

Well-tolerated all-round protection from nature. Tested by dentists.

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This is also reflected in our new lavera dental care range: modern, naturally effective dental care products that meet different care requirements with selected active ingredient compositions and natural ingredients. lavera offers suitable dental care for everyone with reliable all-round protection for teeth and gums, fresh breath and a mouth that is left feeling pleasant.

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New, clean design

With its modernised design, the new lavera dental care range bowls you over even at first glance. The high content of white corresponds to the lavera care products for the skin and hair, and conveys a feeling of purity.

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FAQ on our Toothpastes & Mouthwash

Here we answer the most common questions from our customers about our toothpastes and mouthwash.

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Titanium dioxide is a natural mineral known for its high covering and luminous power. It is used in pharmaceuticals, paints, varnishes, paper, plastics, and cosmetics. In some cosmetic products like toothpastes, lipsticks, foundations, or concealers, it is used as a white pigment.
Our entire range of toothpastes has been titanium dioxide-free (since 2024). Newly without titanium dioxide are our Toothpaste Complete CareToothpaste Sensitive & Repair, and Toothpaste Sensitive Whitening. Our fluoride-free toothpastes Complete Care Fluoride-free and the Toothpaste Kids Fluoride-free have never contained the colorant titanium dioxide.
Why did you use titanium dioxide in toothpastes and why not anymore? The ingredient was used in toothpastes solely for the white color. In recent years, it has increasingly come under discussion, particularly in the area of toothpastes (more on this in our advisory article). As a natural cosmetics brand, we have decided to eliminate this ingredient from our toothpastes.
The RDA value is a measure of the abrasive effect (abrasivity) of toothpastes due to the cleaning agents contained within. The higher the RDA value indicated on toothpastes, the more erosive and aggressive the toothpaste is for the enamel. However, the RDA value is not the sole determinant. Because how abrasive a toothpaste is also depends on other factors: e.g., other ingredients, the toothbrush, brushing duration, pressure, and individual anatomical aspects. And: The RDA value is a laboratory value and cannot be directly translated to daily use, therefore, you should not overemphasize it.
The sodium fluoride used in lavera natural cosmetics is an odorless, fine, white powder with good mucous membrane compatibility. In nature, fluoride only occurs in combination with other substances and must be purified accordingly.

Fluoride is one of the trace elements. Our body needs these for vital functions. Fluorides are absorbed through food (e.g., drinking water) and are responsible for the strength of bones and teeth. In nature, it is present in the form of many minerals.
It is undisputed that fluorides in extreme overdoses are harmful to the human body - just like other chemical substances! The use of fluorides in cosmetic products is regulated by lawmakers. According to the Cosmetics Regulation, a maximum of 0.15% (1500 ppm) of pure fluoride is allowed to be added to oral care preparations.

Precisely because fluorides are contained in many substances that enter our bodies daily - both intentionally and unintentionally - such as in water, beverages, food, etc., many consumers fear that the additional use of fluoride-containing toothpaste may exceed the threshold into an "overdose".
Our Toothpaste Sensitive Whitening , Toothpaste Sensitive & Repair , Toothpaste Complete Care, and the Toothpaste Complete Care Fluoride-Free can help support periodontal health by preventing plaque build-up with regular use.
  1. Repair and Protection: Fluoride can help ensure that essential minerals such as calcium phosphates are re-integrated into the enamel more quickly. This is particularly useful when sugar or acids attack the enamel and dissolve minerals - a process known as demineralization. Fluoride then aids in repairing the enamel faster (remineralization).

  2. Protective Layer: It also forms a protective layer around the teeth. This layer helps to intercept and neutralize acids before they can attack the enamel, keeping the teeth hard and resistant.

  3. Fighting Bacteria: Fluoride also has antibacterial properties. It can penetrate bacteria present in the mouth and disrupt their ability to produce acids that would otherwise weaken the enamel and lead to cavities. Thus, fluorides not only prevent cavities but also have plaque-inhibiting and anti-inflammatory effects.
es, all our toothpastes are biodegradable. However, we still do not recommend using them in lakes or rivers. Any substance introduced into nature locally shifts the natural balance. On excursions in the wilderness, we recommend spitting onto the soil rather than into bodies of water.
In the mouth, a neutral pH value prevails. An environment that is too acidic leads to demineralization – an environment that is too basic can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes. Our toothpastes are formulated to be neutral to slightly basic accordingly.
Humans produce between 0.5 and 1.5 liters of saliva per day. Saliva is made up of 99% water and minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphates, chloride, and fluoride. The proteins contained in saliva form a kind of protective shield on the tooth surface, and the buffer substances neutralize acids and sugars.

The digestive enzyme amylase can break down starch (carbohydrates) in food right in the mouth, acting like a "biological" toothbrush. Saliva keeps the pH level in the mouth constant, thereby reducing the risk of cavities. The more saliva, the greater the protection against cavities!
All our toothpastes can be used with an electric toothbrush. Depending on the model, it may happen that the toothpaste does not foam as much. This is due to the very rapid movement of the electric toothbrush.
Since the product contains menthol, unfortunately, it is not compatible with homeopathy.
There are no ingredients in our mouthwash that could stain the teeth. Our mouthwash is a colorless solution in a tinted bottle. This serves to protect light-sensitive ingredients and to ensure their durability.
Yes, however, it does contain sugar substitutes such as xylitol and sorbitol.
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