Care series

A series of natural beauty

Discover the care series from lavera Naturkosmetik with your complementary products for your particular skin requirements. The My Age care range with organic hibiscus and ceramides, for example, for example, treats mature skin for those over 45, while the innovative Hydro Sensation series provides a new dimension of noticeable freshness. On the other hand, our popular basis sensitiv series contains everything you need for your daily routine. You’ll see that with lavera Naturkosmetik, you’ll strike gold time and again in your search for intensive nourishment and cleansing. 

Frau cremt Beine ein

Re-Energizing Sleeping Care Series

Fantastically fresh, radiantly beautiful skin overnight

Daily body care with the basis sensitiv series

Facial care

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basis sensitive with Q10

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lavera Naturkosmetik face care series

Pure Beauty skin care series 

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Firming skin care series

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My Age skin care series

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