Fine Hair

Fine hair is characterised by a thin and smooth hair structure. It feels soft but does not have much volume compared to normal hair. Fine hair is normally less than 0.05 mm in thickness, whereas normal hair is around 0.07-0.1 mm.

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What is the right hair care for fine hair?

lavera has developed the Volume & Strength Shampoo especially for the needs of fine and weak hair. The formula with natural powerhouse ingredients such as organic bamboo and organic algae give hair noticeably more volume and strength without weighing it down, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable – silicone-free.

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Does your hair tend to get dry at the tips? Try using an additional moisturising conditioner, such as the basis sensitiv Moisture & Care Conditioner from lavera. Work the conditioner into the tips of your hair only, so as to not over-condition your hair.

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Top tips for fine hair

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Going to the hairdresser regularly prevents brittle hair and split ends. The right haircut can also help create more volume.

Head massages promote blood circulation, which causes the hair roots to straighten and your hair to appear more voluminous.

Fine hair is even more prone to breakage when it is wet. Instead of rubbing it dry, gently squeeze wet hair out in a towel.

Use a round brush to add body to your roots. Separate individual strands of hair and blow-dry them with lukewarm air against the direction of growth.

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