Frau springt vor weisser Steinwand  in die Luft und lacht

Natural deodorant protection

Make it safely through the day thanks our natural formula free of aluminium salts (aluminium hydroxychloride), 6 lavera roll-on deodorants and 4 deodorant sprays. Our wide product range has the right fragrance for whatever life may throw your way, whether that's floral, citrus fresh or strikingly masculine. 

For fans of deodorant spray, there is the lavera Basic Sensitive 24h deodorant spray with organic witch-hazel and rose essence, or deodorant sprays offering orange, rose and lime fragrances. For skin which is sensitive or prone to allergies, the lavera Neutral roll-on deodorant offers nourishment and protection from body odour. 

We also offer men the chance to feel safe and fresh with the lavera Naturkosmetik men Sensitive roll-on deodorant.

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Frau streckt die Arme in die Luft und ist mit geschlossenen Augen in die Sonne gerichtet. die Achseln sind zu sehen

Natural deodorant protection without aluminum salts

Frau hat den linken Arm ueber dem kopf und riecht an den wohlriechenden Achseln

lavera deodorants

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