Frau laechelt mit Blume zwischen den Zaehnen

Many years of experience in the natural cosmetics market have taught us that there are numerous customers who want products containing fluoride, and just as many who consciously choose to avoid fluoride. Parents, for example, consciously look for alternatives to fluoride toothpastes, especially when they have children with allergies or who are particularly sensitive. 

lavera also has a range of dental products designed to meet the hygiene requirements of as many different dental needs as possible. This is why lavera offers dental care products with and without fluorides.

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Fluoride in toothpaste

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Why does lavera not use fluoride in the KIDS toothpaste?

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Kind in Wiese mit Hund im Hintergrund lacht in die Kamera Pflanze zwischen den Zaehnen

Many parents worry that small children may absorb too much fluoride by swallowing toothpaste. Infants and toddlers do not yet have strong mouth muscles, so they are more likely to swallow toothpaste than older children or adults.

This is why lavera offers lavera KIDS toothpaste for milk teeth. Complete Care Fluoride-Free toothpaste is a very good alternative for slightly older children.

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Toothpaste with fluorides 

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Toothpaste without fluorides 

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