Finger umfassen gruenen Minzstrauch mit mehreren blaettern und anderen kraeutern

Menthol – a fresh tingle on your skin

 Everyone knows the wonderfully refreshing, herbal aroma of mint. But menthol isn’t just for giving cold drinks in summer a fresh and tingly herbal boost. It’s also used in many body care and oral hygiene products to provide a pleasantly cooling effect. And we are also utilising menthol’s refreshing effect and using this versatile ingredient in selected lavera products.

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zwei eiswuerfel mit kraeutern und minze eingefroren vor schwarzem hintergrund

Menthol – cools and soothes

Menthol is one of the main components of peppermint oil, which has antibacterial properties and is extracted from corn mint or peppermint. Menthol gives your skin a pleasant freshness – in a natural way. It is easily integrated into your skin’s thermoreceptors, resulting in your body experiencing a pleasantly cooling feeling, although your actual body temperature does not change. This reaction often causes a slight tingling sensation on your skin, which is both relaxing and soothing.

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Menthol in our products

Discover fresh menthol for a natural, gentle plumping effect: for lips that appear fuller. The improved blood circulation emphasises your natural lip colour and makes lips appear fuller and fresh.

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