Drei Acai-Beeren auf einem grünen Palmenblatt

Organic açaí berries - the miniature super fruit

These small power packs have what it takes! The small açaí berries, that are in fact palm fruits, belong to the so-called super fruits thanks to their high concentration of nutrients. In lavera Naturkosmetik, they are also one of the most popular sources of fruity-fresh natural aromas.

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Frische Acai-Beeren vor weißem Hintergrund

Small berries, big effect

Açaí berries are the blackish-purple fruits of the cabbage palm Euterpe oleracea, which is native to the warm, humid Amazon region of South America, where they have been used by the native inhabitants as a foodstuff, but also for remedies, since time immemorial. In Europe, this wonderful palm fruit has only become recently known – in just a few years, however, this exotic power fruit has proved itself a true super fruit with a particularly high content of nutrients. It is high time for a closer look at the açaí berry!

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Small but impressive – the power ingredients of the açaí berry

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Acai-Beeren in einer Holzschale, daneben gemahlene Acai im Holzlöffel

Beneath their secretive, dark shiny skin, these small inconspicuous fruits contain a real cocktail of ingredients: Their most important ingredients include proteins, amino acids, lipids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, flavonoids and anthocyanins – the latter are anti-oxidants that give the berries their deep purple colour. Anti-oxidants strengthen your skin’s defences and also protect it from harmful free radicals.

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Zahlreiche kleine Acaibeeren am Strauch

Its numerous vitamins and minerals complete this important protection squad for naturally beautiful skin. This makes the organic açaí berry a special gift from nature that we are pleased to use in selected certified lavera Naturkosmetik products.

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Organic açaí berries in our products

Organic açaí berry extract is a component of the unique lavera natural compositions in selected lavera body cleansing products. The delicious fragrance of crisp, ripe berries provides fruity refreshment and positive energy.

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