Blühende Mandelbaum-Plantage mit rosafarbenen Blüten

Organic almonds - mild and multitalented 

Almond drinks, almond butter or almond oil: the almond is not only the superstar of vegan cuisine and a healthy snack throughout the day, it's also a real all-rounder used in many lavera Naturkosmetik skincare products. The clear, light yellow oil of the almond is obtained using a process of gentle cold pressing and is particularly rich in valuable nutrients and vitamins. Delicate, mild almond oil has a sweet and nutty scent, protects and cares for your skin and hair, and is especially well tolerated by sensitive skin. 

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Mandelbaumast mit weißen Blüten und rosa Blüten im Hintergrund

Adored for over 3,000 years

The almond has an astoundingly long history, given that it has been known in Europe for several thousand years. In Greece, almonds were being grown as far back as the fifth century AD, where they were known as the "Greek nut". Almond trees are largely cultivated to the west of Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. The almond tree is presumed to have originated in subtropical China and the Middle East. It grows best in temperate, warm areas, though it can also tolerate cold temperatures (down to -20 degrees). The tree or shrub-like plant belongs to the rose family.

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From the fruit to the oil

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After harvesting the almond kernels, they are processed into oil through the use of processes such as gentle cold pressing.

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Cold pressing preserves valuable compounds such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, tocopherols and sterols in the oil.

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Holzschale mit Mandelfrüchten und kleiner Ölflasche auf Holztisch

A talented multitasker for treating skin and hair

Thanks to its extraordinary combination of nutrients, almond oil is one of the most valuable oils in skincare. It's little surprise that this high-quality oil has long been used to ensure beautiful skin.

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Frau hält zwei Hände voller Mandeln in die Kamera

The rich and nourishing oil provides numerous benefits for your skin: almond oil can be absorbed easily and quickly, and is particularly suitable for dry skin. It can have a soothing, moisturising effect while improving circulation.

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Organic almond in our products
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