Organic castor oil – an all-rounder for beautiful hair & skin

 Are your lashes crying out for a little extra care? Then look out for organic castor oil – a natural way to promote naturally beautiful eyelashes! Castor oil is known for its eyelash-strengthening effect, and rightly so. It nourishes the lash hairs and locks in moisture. With regular use, it will make your eyelashes strong and sleek.

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gelbes oel mit mehreren oeltropfen

A beautifying oil that delivers a lustrous sheen

Castor oil is a valuable oil extracted from the seeds of the miracle tree, also known as the Palm of Christ. Gentle cold pressing of the hulled seeds produces a rich and highly nourishing oil. In natural cosmetics, it is a prized ingredient in hair and scalp as well as lip care products, including some of those made by lavera. It adds radiance to the skin and beautiful gloss to the hair.

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A sprawling power-plant

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Faster, higher, further –the miracle tree owes its name to its rapid growth. It takes only three months for the seed to grow into a three-metre high, tree-like plant, which is not actually a tree but more of a shrub. In tropical regions it can grow up to twelve metres high. Each of its spiny flowers contains three bean-sized seeds which contain approximately 50% castor oil. 

This is why ancient Egyptian and Indian civilisations grew the miracle tree primarily for its oil. We have the Arabs to thank for the fact that the seeds also became available in Europe’s pharmacies from the 16th century onwards. As a result of increased demand among other things, the miracle tree and its castor oil eventually became known as a medicinal plant in the 18th century.

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A miraculous beauty oil 

Castor oil is a valuable ingredient in natural cosmetics, where it is used for its skin-smoothing and nourishing properties. Castor oil is characterised by its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It consists of approximately 80% ricinoleic acid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Organic castor oil also contains vitamin E, a valuable antioxidant which protects the skin. 

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Organic castor oil in our products
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