Zwei geschlossene und eine geöffnete Kakaobohne mit grünen Blättern auf dunklem Holztisch

Organic cocoa butter – The skin flatterer 

 In certified natural skin care, cocoa butter is an important plant ingredient for soothing and caring for dry skin. It is a real skin flatterer, because it is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin, giving it a soft and smooth feeling. In the lavera world, cocoa butter stands for gentle soothing of the skin and nourishing care.

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Naturaufnahme von einigen Kakaofruechten am Baum

Tropical beauty that can be harvested all year round

The cocoa tree bears the botanical name “Theobroma Cacao” and is mainly native to West Africa, Brazil, Java and the Philippines. It belongs to the subfamily of the mallow family and can grow up to a height of 15m. In its tropical homeland, the cacao tree grows in the shade of larger trees and forms a dense crown of dark green shiny leaves, which can be renewed up to four times a year. An interesting exciting feature is the fact that the flowers stand out directly from the trunk of the tree (this is known as "cauliflory" in technical jargon) and, shortly after flowering, form large fruits that are yellow to red brown in colour and carry the precious cocoa seeds. The firm, light yellow cocoa fat is obtained by gentle cold pressing of the bean-shaped seeds (cocoa beans). Uniquely, the cocoa tree blossoms and bears fruit all year round. 

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Cocoa-love for your skin

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Zwei Holzschalen mit heller Kakaobutter und dunklen Kakaosamen auf dunklem Holztisch

The beauty secret of this tropical bean? Its valuable fat has a melting point close to the temperature of skin (approx. 30°C) and can therefore be absorbed particularly well. Cocoa butter contains palmitic, stearic and oleic acid, which are quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a delicate but non-greasy protective film.

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Nahaufnahme zweier Kakaofruechte mit gruenen Blaettern auf weißem Hintergrund

This gives this high-quality plant oil a moisturising quality and makes it especially good for dry and damaged skin. It is also tolerated well by normal skin, however, as it is not too heavy.

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Organic cocoa butter in our products

Rich and moisturising care is provided by organic cocoa butter in selected lavera products for the body, hands and lips. Dry skin types in particular will be delighted with the gentle care and protection which this valuable, natural organic skin care product can provide. Alongside shea butter, cocoa butter forms the basis of lavera’s organic flower butter, developed in-house, and provides valuable care in colour cosmetic products.

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