Zweig mit einzelnen roten Gojibeeren und grünen Blättern

Organic goji berry - superfruit royalty

Thanks to their host of valuable ingredients and their fruity aroma, organic goji berries are among the elite of the so-called superfruits. These fruits really live up to their name: they have an exceptionally high proportion of vital nutrients and ingredients. They are one of the most important plants in China, with evidence of their usage there dating as far back as the 1st century. In select lavera cleansing products, they provide a sweet aroma and a natural fruity cleansing power. 

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Frau mit weißem Shirt hält in ihren Händen viele getrocknete rote Gojibeeren

Chinese wolfberry - a little powerhouse!

The small red berries, measuring just 2 cm, are the fruits of the common boxthorn, a nightshade plant that is also known as the Chinese wolfberry. The berry originates from Asia, where it is still grown today. The ripe goji berries are harvested in late summer or early spring. The thorny plant frequently grows along roadsides. 

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Happy Berry for Happy Skin

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Einzelne frische tiefrote Gojibeeren mit Stängel auf weißem Hintergrund

Their ingredients make them true superfruit royalty. The nutrients in this little power fruit must almost feel claustrophobic - there are so many vitamins, nutrients, polysaccharides and carotenoids crammed into the smallest of spaces. 

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Angehäufte getrocknete rote Gojibeeren auf weißem Hintergrund

Goji berries provide more than 20 different minerals, e.g. iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Happy Berry – Happy Skin! The high content of antioxidant and phenols (secondary plant ingredients) can help your skin cells to protect themselves against free radicals.

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Organic goji berry in our products
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