Nahaufnahme einer Bienenwabe mit Honig

Organic honey – THE natural beauty elixir 

For thousands of years, the coveted ‘nectar of the bees’ has been considered nature’s healing remedy. The healing effect of organic honey can be applied both externally and internally. This natural and classic skincare ingredient is genuinely multitalented: it preserves the moisture content of your skin, gives the skin a silky-soft feeling and, thanks to its incredibly delicious scent, it makes every treatment a sweet treat. 

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Nahaufnahme eines Holzlöffels auf den Honig fließt  auf Holzuntergrund

Natural remedy with a long tradition

The valuable golden sap of the honeycomb can look back at thousands of years of tradition: honey was already being used as a traditional remedy for a wide range of health complaints by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Germanic peoples. For instance, the ancient Egyptians considered honey to be the “food of the goods”, a symbolic source of immortality. 

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Packed full of power ingredients

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Nahaufnahme von flüssigem gelben Honig auf weißem Hintergrund

Owing to its host of vital ingredients and vitamins, honey is a true beauty elixir! Did you know that honey can have a healing and antibacterial effect? 

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Kleine Holzschale mit hellem flüssigen Honig und Holzlöffel auf weißem Tisch

Alongside its wound healing properties, organic honey also serves as a natural skin care product: it is both a moisturiser and a balm. 

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Organic honey in our products

In lavera body care products, organic honey provides a host of nurturing properties. In combination with other valuable plant ingredients, organic honey extracts make for velvety soft skin and – thanks to their sweet aroma – a soothing moment of relaxation.

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