Ganze und geöffnete Macadamiafrüchte mit hellen Nüssen und getrockneter Schale

Organic macadamia oil – a beauty oil from Down Under

This round power nut really packs a punch: in its homeland of Australia, its precious oil has always been used by Aborigines as a popular oil for food and skin care. The macadamia tree loves the warm tropical climate of Australia and is particularly demanding in terms of its surroundings. Its limited cultivation area and complex harvesting process make the macadamia nut the most expensive nut in the world. Thanks to its high absorbency and high fat content, macadamia oil is a very popular beauty oil, and here at lavera Naturkosmetik we can’t image life without it. 

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Naturaufnahme von zahlreichen grünen Macadamiafrüchten am Baum

The queen of nuts – a real diva

The macadamia nut tree is native to the rainforests of Queensland, among other areas, but is now also cultivated in New Zealand, South Africa, Africa, Costa Rica and Guatemala. This evergreen tree can reach a height of up to 15 m, and bears chestnut-like stone fruits. Only after 10 years does a macadamia nut tree bear its first fruits. At first glance, the harvest of macadamia nuts looks fairly simple: the ripe fruits, which conceal the valuable kernels, simply fall from the tree and are then collected by harvesters. But anyone who thinks the story ends there is mistaken. To get to the kernel, which is the delicious macadamia nut, time and patience are required. The shell of the macadamia nut is so hard that it has to be dried out for a long time – until it becomes porous – before it can be cracked. Only then can the kernel be revealed.

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A real treasure: high-quality organic macadamia nut oil

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lavera Naturkosmetik harnesses the power of this unique nut for natural beauty care. The fine, light-yellow oil in particular, which is obtained through a gentle cold pressing process, is especially suitable for skin care.

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It can be spread easily across the skin and is quickly absorbed thanks to its high palmitoleic acid content.

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Ganze und halbierte Macadamianüsse mit Ölglas und weißem Porzellanlöffel mit Öl auf Holztisch

In selected lavera Naturkosmetik products, it makes an excellent carrier oil for additional plant ingredients.

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Macadamiabaum-Plantage  vor blauem Himmel

Alongside its valuable oil contents, macadamia oil also contains important nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. In selected lavera Natural Cosmetic products, it makes an excellent carrier oil for additional plant ingredients.

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Organic macadamia oil in our products
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