Zwei ganze und zwei halbe Erdbeeren mit gruenen Blaettern liegen auf einem hellgrauen auf Holztisch

Organic strawberry – The berry beauty queen

Barely any other fruit goes so well on top of a wonderfully light sponge base as this juicy red summer fruit! The fragrance of ripe strawberries represents pure joy and generates a carefree summer mood in an instant. The popular berry also unleashes the much-loved, completely natural aroma in a number of lavera products, thus making for a fruity-sweet treatment session.

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Frau mit blauem Sommerkleid hält Korb mit roten Erdbeeren in der Hand

The queen of berries

The “Fragaria vesca”, which is its botanical name, is a perennial plant with small white flowers and the familiar red fruits , which belongs to the rose family. Who knew? The red, juicy fruits aren’t actually berries at all, rather they are aggregate fruits. For the actual fruits are in fact not the red, aromatic fruity flesh, but the small yellow seeds on the surface of the strawberries. Even more astonishing is the long history of the red berries: in the Stone Age, wild strawberries were already a popular foodstuff enjoyed by our forefathers. 

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Fruity aromas – a feeling of summer

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Drei ganze und eine aufgeschnittene Erdbeere mit grünen Blättern auf weißem Hintergrund

The wonderfully sweet fragrance reminds us of a carefree summer’s day outdoors, and instantly lifts the mood. However, it is not just its fragrance that makes it inimitable – there’s plenty going on inside as well: it is full of valuable nutrients (including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus) as well as important dietary fibre and other vitamins.

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In der Mitte aufgeschnittene Erdbeere mit grünen Blättern auf weißem Hintergrund in Nahaufnahme

As such, the red power berries are a healthy and light snack, which simply bring joy! Did you know that the wild strawberry has one of the highest vitamin C contents of any fruit?

However, organic strawberry extracts have even more to offer, aside from their intensely fruity aroma: they have an anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

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Organic strawberries in our products

Mmmmmmm! The fruity-sweet aroma of the lavera organic strawberry extract transforms brushing teeth into a delicious experience for children. As such, the fruity extracts add more fun to your daily care routine.

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