Weißes Pulver wirbelt durch die Luft auf schwarzem Hintergrund

Zinc - the ingredient for greater skin protection 

Zinc is an important trace element and is present in nature in the form of a mineral named zincite. lavera Naturkosmetik relies on the healing power of this ingredient in certain care products for impure skin, in deodorants and also in wound protecting products.

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Weißes Creme Herz auf weißem Untergrund

The ingredient for greater skin protection 

The special feature of zinc is its astringent effect, in other words its ability to make the surface of your skin more compact. After applying a care product containing zinc, your skin will be tighter, which means this ingredient can help to dry out smaller impurities and inflamed areas on your skin and help to counteract them.

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Zinc in our products

In the lavera facial care products, zinc is used in combination with plant substances that reduce pore size as a natural weapon against impurities, and can ensure a clear and even complexion. Thanks to the properties of zinc, lavera Naturkosmetik also uses it in its baby and childcare products, in which this trace element is combined with other valuable ingredients to protect sores and prevent redness of the skin.

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