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Miscellaneous – FAQ

Do you have any questions about our products? Your question may already have been answered. Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

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We decided to add the green flower symbol of the UK Vegan Society to the certified natural personal care label in 2004. The symbol certifies that the product contains no animal ingredients, only plant-based, renewable raw materials. Every product that meets the requirements of the Vegan Society can display the vegan symbol. Today, the majority of lavera products are vegan. 

We want to produce natural personal care products that remain effective for a long time. In order to meet this requirement and offer you the best possible personal care solutions, we also use non-vegan ingredients in selected lavera products, including certain lavera colour cosmetics (e.g. lip products, blusher and eye shadow). 

Examples of the non-vegan ingredients used in lavera natural personal care products include carmine, beeswax and pearl extract, which provide natural colouring, skin protection or the desired finish, respectively. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly investigating vegan alternatives to these ingredients. 

Our special tip: Click here to view a selection of our vegan natural personal care products. 

We currently recommend the Neutral Tooth Gel which provides you with dental care that is compatible with homeopathy.

Avoid contact with textiles as staining is possible. Wait until the self-tanner is completely absorbed before putting on your clothes.

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You cannot compare the natural tan which can be achieved with the lavera Naturkosmetik self-tanning products with products from the traditional cosmetic range - intentionally so. The carefully balanced natural ingredients give your skin an even and naturally beautiful tan.

We recommend a body scrub once a week to achieve an even tan, This smooths the skin’s surface and removes dead skin cells. Applied 1-2 times a week, the self-tanning products give you the perfect natural tan.

Evenly apply the self-tanning agent to cleansed skin. Apply moderately around joints and feet to avoid discolouration. A little tip: We recommend lightly spreading the product over these critical areas when applying it to your arms and legs. You can also use a cosmetic tissue to do this. Also avoid the hairline and eyebrows, as well as fingernails and toenails. Important: Wash your hands carefully with soap and lukewarm water after each application.

Are you gluten intolerant and would like it to be absent from your daily skincare routine too? lavera Naturkosmetik offers a wide range of natural gluten-free cosmetics, including our lipsticks, lip balms and liners. 

Did you know? The presence of a particular ingredient in a cosmetic product is not to be equated 1:1 with its absorption into the body through the diet. Some lavera products contain ingredients derived from wheat, such as hydrolysed wheat flour, organic wheat germ oil or organic wheat extract, but because these wheat-derived ingredients have been processed, their content of the protein to which many consumers react when it is ingested is relatively low. 

 We have prepared a list of all gluten-free lavera products for you in our online shop. That way, you can access them quickly and easily and add them directly to your shopping cart. 

Discover all our gluten-free products

pH is short for the Latin term potentia hydrogenii, which translates as ‘hydrogen ion concentration’. pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline an aqueous solution is. The scale ranges from 1 to 14 (1 = strongly acidic solutions/hydrochloric acid, 14 = strongly alkaline solutions/caustic soda). Water normally has a neutral pH of 7. 

Did you know? The pH of healthy skin is weakly acidic and can range from 4.0 to 6.5. The role of the intact acid mantle is to keep out bacteria and pollutants and protect the skin from infection, irritation and dehydration. Virtually all lavera products are pH balanced, i.e. adjusted to the physiological pH of the skin in order to provide optimal support to its protective acid mantle.

Most lavera products are adapted to match the physiological pH of the skin. Products with this pH, which matches that of the important hydrolipid barrier (also known as the acid mantle) are gentle on the skin. In healthy skin, the protective acid mantle tends to be slightly acidic. 

Did you know? The pH of healthy skin is different in men and women. It also varies depending on the part of the body, the season or even the time of day, and typically ranges between 4.0–6.5.3A pH of 4.1–5.8 is generally considered to be in the physiological range (neutral to the skin). The protective acid mantle is made up of sebum, sweat and corneocytes. Its slightly acidic pH wards off foreign germs and protects the skin from drying out. As with all aqueous solutions, its acidity is measured by its pH value. The scale ranges from pH 0 for strongly acidic solutions to 14 for strongly alkaline (basic) ones.

The period-after-opening (PAO) tells you how long your lavera product will last after opening. Look for the tiny open jar symbol and the number indicated (e.g. 6, 12 or 24). This number shows how many months after opening you can safely use the product. Our colour cosmetics products for example are labelled with this symbol. 

Handy tip: Use a fine permanent marker to write the month you opened your lavera product next to the small jar symbol. This will help you keep track and give you a better idea of when to throw it away. 

Some lavera products provide a very precise indication of the useful life of the product: a ‘best-before date’ (BBD) is printed on the packaging. The best-before date tells consumers when the product should ideally be used by. It is found next to a small hourglass symbol on the packaging. Pay attention to the imprint, e.g. 03/2021 (month/year). 

 Here is the information for some of our different kinds of packaging: 

  • Tubes: On the upper edge (crimp) of the tube 
  • Jar: At the edge of the label or on the underside of the jar 
  • Pump dispenser: On the underside of the container or on the etched label (e. g. for lavera makeup) 
  • Sachets (masks and samples): on the back, on the lower or side edge of the sachet
  • Carton boxes: Underside 

Handy tip: Check the shelf life of your beauty products at regular intervals. A quick glance at the best before date will tell you if a lavera product is still safe to use. 

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