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Personal hygiene – FAQ

Do you have any questions about our body care? Your question may already have been answered. Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

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Body Care

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It depends on your skin type and the season, but one thing is certain: hand cream benefits every skin type, as the hands have only a small number of sebaceous glands. Stressed and damaged hands therefore lack adequate protection and require outside help to keep them looking naturally beautiful. 

Dry skin lacks both moisture and lipids. On the hands, dryness is further exacerbated by daily exposure to all kinds of external aggressors. For dry skin, we recommend the routine use of lavera hand cream after each hand washing (and if necessary, in between). Don't forget your cuticles, as dryness can make them prone to tearing. 

Mature skin too tends to be dry. This is because sebum production and perspiration decrease significantly as we age and the skin also becomes thinner. To ensure that the hands are well cared for later in life too, apply a rich protective hand cream several times a day. 

Normal skin is well able to withstand external aggressors because its protective acid mantle is intact, but even this skin type will benefit from the daily use of a light and fast-absorbing moisturiser, which should be part of your daily routine. In colder weather in particular, the skin should be protected with the help of naturally nourishing hand creams. Dry skin is more common in the winter than in the warmer months – due to cold air. Heating air too has a tremendous effect and can drain the skin of valuable moisture. To prevent rough, chapped skin, apply a nourishing hand cream several times a day. On warm summer days too, your hands will thank you for giving them daily attention, as the sun, salt water and hot air can also dry out and stress the skin. Light and fast-absorbing formulas provide valuable moisture to preserve the natural beauty of your hands in summer. 

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Our solid shampoos last up to 3 times longer than liquid ones, depending on hair length and frequency of use. Our body wash bars also lasts up to 3 times longer than shower gel, depending on use. By reducing plastic use and saving space in your bathroom, using solid shampoo and body wash bars is good for you and for the environment.

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Hold your lavera solid shampoo or body wash bar under warm water and work up a lather in your hands. Massage the solid shampoo lather into wet hair. For the body wash bars, apply the delicate foam on damp skin. Rinse well. You should let the solid bars air dry after use. Our handy shampoo & shower box made from bamboo cellulose is ideal for hygienic storage.

Solid shampoo and body wash bars have many benefits over their liquid counterparts, both for you and for the environment. Natural hair care: Specially formulated with amino acids and organic quinoa, lavera solid shampoo gently cleanses and cares for the hair. Both the solid shampoo and body wash bars provide an intense fragrance experience and a soft, creamy lather created using only natural surfactants. 

0% plastic: When it comes to the packaging of our solid shampoo and body wash bars, sustainability is a key priority. The packaging of our new body wash bars is free from plastic. All of our formulas are also free from microplastics. 

Long useful life: Our solid body wash and shampoo bars last up to three times longer than liquid products, depending on use. 

Simply practical: The compact format of our solid shampoo and body wash bars allows easy, leak-free transport, e.g. with our extra handy and sustainable Shampoo & Shower BoxThe box is ideal for storing your solid lavera products in the shower. 

Low-energy production: Our solid shampoo and body wash bars are made from raw materials with a reduced water content which are powdered and then pressed. The production and packaging process does not involve energy-intensive drying. 

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Solid shampoos and hair soaps differ in their pH values. The lather of lavera solid shampoo bars has a physiological pH, meaning that it is slightly acidic and closes the cuticles, smoothing the hair shaft and leaving the hair wonderfully soft and shiny. Hair soap, on the other hand, has an alkaline pH, which opens up the cuticles and leaves the hair looking dull and lacklustre. To remedy this, it is often recommended to use an acid rinse containing either citric acid or apple cider vinegar after hair soap. The acidic pH of the solution closes the cuticles, restoring softness and shine to the hair. This process requires the use of two products, wasting both time and resources. We therefore recommend opting for solid shampoo. There is no hair soap in our product range. 

Yes, lavera offers custom hair care solutions to meet the specific needs of every hair type. For those with dry and damaged hair for example, manageability, intensive nourishment, glossy shine and repair are at the top of the wishlist. Fine hair on the other hand needs volumising and strengthening care that does not weigh it down unnecessarily, while colour-treated hair is in need of a nourishing formula for natural colour protection. Sensitive scalps will benefit from hair care products formulated with calming and soothing ingredients. 

Our special tip: In our Advice section, you can read about what else to be mindful of when caring for your personal hair type. 

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For our self-tanning products too, we rely on the power of nature. The star ingredients in our ‘Summer glow in a tube’ are DHA (dihydroxyacetone, a sugar molecule derived from rapeseed) and erythrulose (derived from sugar). These two natural self-tanning ingredients react with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin, resulting in the formation of brown pigments called melanoidins, which give it a natural golden glow. Thus, they only act on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate into the deeper layers. We love a natural and even tan, which is why we only use low concentrations of natural self-tanning ingredients in our products. Is your tan less intense than you were expecting? There are several possible reasons for this. The result obtained with our self-tanning products depends on your skin type and texture; the shade of the tan will therefore vary slightly from one person to the next. Your skin may only react to the natural tanning agents to a limited extent. It is also important to ensure that the product is stored properly: leaving your lavera self-tanning product in the sun can degrade the active ingredient, DHA, diminishing its tanning power. For an even tan, we recommend using the product once or twice a week. Indeed, the more often you apply it, the more intense the tan. For best results, always apply our self-tanning products to clean skin. 

Our special tip: To enjoy using our natural self-tanning products for as long as possible, we recommend removing any residue from the lid of the tube after each use.

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Thanks to ingredients of natural origin, the lavera deodorant products provide mild deodorant protection without suppressing natural perspiration.

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Our innovative Natural & Strong Deodorant Cream provides intensive, 48-hour deodorant protection, naturally, without aluminium salts or alcohol. Organic ginseng extract and natural minerals reduce the proliferation of body odour-causing bacteria for natural and effective odour prevention. Zinc oxide and clay absorb underarm moisture, while baking soda is a natural antiseptic that prevents bacterial proliferation on your skin. Nourishing organic shea butter and organic coconut oil provide a pleasant skin feel, even after shaving. With its extra-creamy formula, lavera Natural & Strong Deodorant Cream glides on easily and absorbs quickly.

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No, there is no need, as there is no difference in terms of effect. It depends more on how active you are: We tend to sweat more during exercise or in stressful situations, which automatically makes us reach more frequently for our deodorant to spray or roll on an extra dose, just to be safe. Only purely natural fragrances are used in natural deodorants. lavera natural deodorants are formulated with antiseptic, skin-soothing and rebalancing ingredients to prevent body odour without interfering with natural perspiration. The frequency of application depends on the situation you are in. 

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lavera Natural & Strong Deodorant Cream and basis sensitiv Roll-on Deodorant are alcohol-free and well tolerated, making them well suited for sensitive armpits.

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