Frauenhaende halten geschaelten weißen Reis

Organic rice powder – The finest powder for a silky-smooth complexion

 A mere whisper of nothingness? Most certainly not! Though subtle, this is an ingredient that delivers concentrated beauty power. We’re talking about organic rice powder. Ground into the finest particle size, organic rice powder provides a smooth complexion with a silky-soft finish. But that’s not all – it also has important skin care properties.

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hellbrauner puder brösel auf rosa hintergrund

Naturally beautiful, without talc

This fine organic rice powder is obtained by finely grinding grains of organic rice. It is known as a natural talc substitute and is used for both pressed and loose powders. Organic rice powder is known for its oil-absorbing and nourishing properties. That is to say, it absorbs excess oil from the skin and mattifies the complexion. The fine powder blurs the pores and acts as a 'filler' for fine lines, leaving the complexion looking smooth and even.
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Organic rice powder in our products

Organic rice powder gives your lavera powder a soft and silky feel. The fine powder reduces excess oil and shine and mattifies the complexion without clogging pores or drying out the skin. Its oil-reducing and mattifying properties leave the skin looking fresh and younger. Yet another beauty benefit: Rice powder increases the coverage of your foundation and improves the hold of shimmer pigments in your eyeshadow or blusher on your skin. Enjoy a radiant complexion and a long-lasting matte1 finish with organic rice powder!

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