Solid body wash bars

Shower your way to a better world

Your morning shower just got a lot more sustainable, with a soft lather and a lovely scent: The solid body wash bars from lavera require no plastic packaging, last up to 3 times longer*  than their liquid counterparts and are more resource-efficient by far.


Enjoy a shower experience of the highest cosmetic quality


With over 30 years of experience in natural cosmetics, we constantly strive to further improve and refine our products. Every new product we develop is created with the aim to produce natural cosmetics of the highest natural cosmetic quality, as exemplified by our High Vitality Body Wash Bar. The nourishing formula with organic orange and organic mint gently cleanses the skin without drying, pampering it with its soft lather and fresh fruity scent.

Like all of our natural cosmetic products, our new solid body wash bars provide the wonderful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and for the environment. A gentle, well-tolerated solid body wash which is completely free from plastic packaging and lasts 3 times longer than traditional shower gel*, making it vastly more resource-efficient.

All the pleasure of the shower and great for the environment

Discover a new and even more guilt-free shower experience: Wonderfully soft lather, heady scent and not a trace of plastic.

Another environmental plus: Our body wash bars lasts up to 3 times longer* than shower gel, depending on use. Equally good news is the fact that our formulas are completely devoid of microplastics. And of course, we package our body wash bars in 100% recycled cardboard.


Enjoy a plastic-free shower experience with a choice of three irresistible fragrances

Our innovative solid body wash bars make sustainability a pleasure for the senses. Their rich lather leaves the skin feeling revitalised and delightfully scented with your choice of fragrance.

The High Vitality Body Wash Bar is for all those who like to start their day with a particularly invigorating shower. The vegan formula with organic orange and organic mint creates an indulgent lather with a refreshing scent which gently cleanses the skin without drying, for a delightful user experience.

Let the fresh, fruity fragrance entice you with its top note of orange and tangerine accompanied by zesty and tart grapefruit and lemongrass and a hint of cool mint. Like all lavera solid shower bars, the High Vitality Body Wash Bar goes a long way*.

Experience a pleasantly fresh kick with the Happy Freshness Body Wash Bar. The vegan formula with organic lime and organic lemongrass gently cleanses the skin without drying, creating a delightful experience with its wonderfully rich lather scented with refreshing notes of lime, mint and eucalyptus. The generous* formula makes the skin feel beautifully cared for even during use.

Wash your hair in the shower? Of course you can!

Discover the secret to gentle cleansing for hair and body in solid form with the basis sensitiv 2 in 1 Hydro Feeling Body Wash Bar. The vegan formula with organic aloe vera and herbal keratin gently cleanses the skin and hair without drying. The ultra-generous formula* creates an indulgent lather with our classic, naturally fresh scent and makes the skin feel beautifully cared for even while showering.

Rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, aloe vera is an important ingredient of this carefully balanced formula which provides the hair with energy and moisture.


*lavera body wash bars last up to 3 times longer than shower gel, depending on use.

The key ingredients in our solid wash bars

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